1 RUR withdraw south of Taedong River, Korea.

Monday, 4 December, 1950

(Below, The Royal Ulster Rifles marching through a Korean village, with vehicles of 45 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery in the background (© IWM (BF 392))

IWM BF392During the first days of December 1950, while the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles was moving northwards by train, the operational situation at the front had deteriorated. After its advance had been checked in North Korea by Chinese Communist forces, the UN Army was now retreating in the face of a Chinese counter offensive.

On 3 December 1950, 29 Brigade, the Rifles parent brigade, was ordered to cover the withdrawal of the last elements of I and IX Corps. By dusk on 4 December 1950, as the remnants of the UN forces passed southward, 29 Brigade also withdrew south of the Taedong River.