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Death of King James I. Thu, 03/27/1625
English Civil War (First Medal for Valour) Tue, 09/23/1642
‘New Model Army’ established Fri, 01/06/1645
Death (by execution) of King Charles I Sat, 01/30/1649
Death of Oliver Cromwell Tue, 09/03/1658
Sat, 04/01/1684 Raising of Granard's Regiment - The Royal Irish Regiment
Restoration & Death of King Charles II. Tue, 02/06/1685
Nine Years’ War Mon, 09/27/1688
William lands in England Fri, 11/05/1688
Abdication (by forfeit) of King James II Sat, 12/11/1688
Williamite War in Ireland Sat, 03/12/1689
Fri, 06/03/1689 Inniskillings attack Jacobite Garrison, Omagh
Mon, 06/20/1689 Formation of the Inniskilling Regiment of Foot.
Sun, 07/31/1689 Battle of Newtownbutler
Fri, 09/02/1689 Inniskillings join Schomberg's Army
Tue, 09/27/1689 Schomberg salutes the Inniskillings.
Tue, 10/18/1689 Tiffin's and Lloyd's Inniskilling Regiments inspected at Dundalk.
The Irish Brigade of the French Army is formed Mon, 05/01/1690
James II defeated by William III, Ireland. Tue, 07/11/1690
Sat, 06/30/1691 Inniskillings at the Capture of Athlone
Sat, 09/22/1691 Inniskillings assault Limerick
Flight of the Wild Geese Wed, 10/03/1691
Wed, 10/03/1691 Tiffin's Inniskillings enter Limerick
Sat, 01/05/1692 Inniskillings in the Tower of London.
Fri, 08/20/1694 Tiffin's Inniskilling Regiment at the Siege of Namur
War of the Spanish Succession Wed, 09/07/1701
Death of King William III. Wed, 03/08/1702
Tue, 08/29/1702 Death of Zachariah Tiffin, Colonel of Inniskillings
Mon, 03/12/1703 Inniskillings attack French on Guadeloupe
Mon, 05/07/1703 Inniskillings withdraw from Guadeloupe.
The Act of Union joins Scotland to England and Wales Sun, 05/01/1707
Tue, 10/08/1709 Inniskillings land at Alicante, Spain.
Death of Queen Anne Wed, 08/01/1714
First Jacobite Rebellion Fri, 09/06/1715
Fri, 03/17/1724 Molesworth appointed Colonel of Inniskillings.
Death of King George I Wed, 06/11/1727
War of Jenkins' Ear. Mon, 10/19/1739
War of the Austrian Succession Fri, 12/16/1740
Jacobite Rising Mon, 08/16/1745
Mon, 01/17/1746 Battle of Falkirk Muir (Moor), King's Colour Saved.
Fri, 01/21/1746 Inniskillings attempt to capture rebel brig, Alloa.
Sat, 04/16/1746 Culloden
Thu, 07/01/1751 Inniskillings ranked 27th Regiment
Adoption of Gregorian Calendar Sat, 01/01/1752
French and Indian War Tue, 04/16/1754
Seven Years' War Tue, 06/29/1756
Battle of Plessey, India. Sun, 01/02/1757
Thu, 05/05/1757 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment to North America
Death of King George II. Sat, 10/25/1760
Sun, 09/20/1761 Death of Blakeney, Colonel of 27th Regiment of Foot.
Sat, 01/16/1762 Battle Honour MARTINIQUE 1762
Tue, 06/08/1762 27th Inniskillings, Capture of Havana, Cuba.
Tue, 07/20/1762 Battle Honour HAVANNAH
Sun, 07/31/1763 Stoppage of Pay
Tue, 10/01/1771 Inniskillings form a Light Company
Boston Tea Party Thu, 12/16/1773
The American War of Independence Wed, 04/19/1775
Tue, 09/26/1775 Inniskillings at Battle of Brooklyn, New York
Sun, 12/13/1778 Battle Honour ST LUCIA 1778,1796
Mon, 02/25/1788 Inniskillings counter bootleggers at Ennis, County Clare.
The French Revolution Sat, 06/27/1789
French Revolutionary Wars Fri, 04/20/1792
Sat, 09/07/1793 Raising of the 87th Regiment, a legion of Irish Heroes
Wed, 09/18/1793 Letter of Service to Major John Doyle (87th Regiment of Foot)
Wed, 09/25/1793 Raising of The 88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers)
Sat, 09/28/1793 Raising of the 83rd Regiment of Foot
Tue, 10/29/1793 87th Foot re-titled 'Prince of Wales’ Irish Regiment'
Wed, 10/30/1793 Raising of the 86th Regiment of Foot
Thu, 10/31/1793 Raising of 'Irish Rangers', Trench's Regiment
Tue, 12/03/1793 Raising of the 89th Regiment of Foot.
Thu, 06/26/1794 87th and 89th Regiment land at Ostend.
Tue, 07/15/1794 The 87th Regiment's first action, Doyle wounded.
Sun, 09/21/1794 Raising of the Cavan Militia
Sun, 02/22/1795 Inniskillings retreat through Holland to Hanover.
Fri, 04/01/1796 Militia Regiments raised in Ireland
Tue, 05/24/1796 Battle Honour ST LUCIA 1778,1796
Thu, 09/22/1796 86th Regiment land in Cape of Good Hope
Fri, 10/14/1796 87th Regiment of Foot embark for the West Indies.
Sat, 04/08/1797 87th Regiment of Foot, the West Indies, 1796-1804.
Tue, 12/26/1797 New drafts reinforce Inniskillings in St Lucia
United Irishmen Rebellion ('98 Rising) Thu, 05/24/1798
Sat, 09/08/1798 Armagh Militia capture French Colour at Battle of Ballinamuck
Mon, 03/18/1799 Honours for Drum Major of 89th Regiment
Fri, 05/10/1799 86th Regiment land at Madras, India.
Napoleon Bonaparte overthrows the French Directory and is chosen as Consul Sat, 11/09/1799
Fri, 12/06/1799 89th Regiment of Foot to Malta
British Army issues Greatcoats Wed, 04/23/1800
Sun, 05/25/1800 27th Regiment gains 2nd Battalion.
Wed, 10/01/1800 86th Regiment of Foot sent from India to Egypt to fight against the French*
The Act of Union creates The United Kingdom. Thu, 01/01/1801
Sun, 05/10/1801 Both 27th Inniskilling Battalions land at Aboukir Bay, Egypt
Thu, 01/28/1802 89th return to Ireland from Egypt.
Treaty of Amiens Thu, 03/25/1802
Tue, 07/06/1802 Battle Honour 'EGYPT' (With The Sphinx)
Wed, 01/12/1803 The 87th Regiment of Foot departs the West Indies for home.
Napoleonic Wars Wed, 05/18/1803
Mon, 08/29/1803 86th Regiment - Storming of Baroach, India
Fri, 02/10/1804 86th Regiment, Siege of Bhurtpore.
Napoleon Bonaparte crowned Emperor Sun, 12/02/1804
Fri, 09/27/1805 Young Inniskillings raised at Dunbar
Mon, 10/21/1805 Inniskillings embark for Gravesend and Northern Germany
Tue, 12/10/1805 1/89th Lost at Sea
Wed, 01/08/1806 Battle Honour 'CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 1806'.
Fri, 07/04/1806 Battle Honour 'MAIDA'.
Tue, 02/03/1807 Battle Honour MONTE VIDEO.
Abolition of Slave Trade Wed, 03/25/1807
Sun, 07/05/1807 Failure to seize Buenos Aires.
Wed, 08/17/1808 Battle Honour PENINSULA
Mon, 07/10/1809 An' they're hangin' Johnny Dely in the evenin*
Thu, 07/27/1809 Battle Honour 'TALAVERA'
Sat, 07/29/1809 Granting the Battle Honour 'TALAVERA'
Thu, 08/24/1809 86th Regiment styled 'Leinster Regiment of Foot'.
Wed, 08/30/1809 2/83rd Regiment to Garrsion Duties, Lisbon.
Tue, 09/19/1809 Lashed for Stealing Shoes, Spain.
Sun, 07/08/1810 Battle Honour 'BOURBON'.
Thu, 09/27/1810 Battle Honour 'BUSACO'.
Sun, 10/14/1810 2/89th at Fuengirola, Spain.
Mon, 03/04/1811 The day before the Battle of Barrosa
Tue, 03/05/1811 Battle Honour BARROSA
Wed, 03/06/1811 French Commanding Officer taken prisoner at Barrosa.
Fri, 05/03/1811 Battle Honour 'FUENTES D'ONOR'
Fri, 05/10/1811 Siege of Badajoz; 3/27th (Inniskillings) introduction to the Peninsular War.
Thu, 05/16/1811 Battle of Albuera
Thu, 05/23/1811 2/83rd Regiment rest in Portalegre, Peninsular War.
Mon, 09/16/1811 Battle Honour 'JAVA'.
Tue, 12/31/1811 Battle Honour 'TARIFA'.
Mon, 01/20/1812 Battle Honour 'CIUDAD RODRIGO'
Mon, 04/06/1812 Battle Honour 'BADAJOZ'
Fri, 05/15/1812 27th (Inniskillings) after Badajoz.
Mon, 05/18/1812 86th styled the Royal County Down Regiment.
Anglo-American War, 1812-1815 Thu, 06/18/1812
Wed, 07/22/1812 Battle Honour 'SALAMANCA'
Tue, 10/13/1812 Battle Honour 'NIAGARA'.
Sun, 10/25/1812 2/87th Gallantry in Retreat to Salamanca
Mon, 01/11/1813 'Appearing at the Halberds' - Flogging.
Tue, 04/13/1813 Captain Waldron's Duel to the Death, Battle of Castalla.
Fri, 05/21/1813 Battle Honour VITTORIA
Wed, 07/28/1813 Battle Honour 'PYRENEES'
Mon, 11/01/1813 2/87th march to Seville.
Wed, 11/10/1813 Battle Honour 'NIVELLE'
Thu, 11/11/1813 89th at the Battle of Crysler's Farm
Sun, 12/19/1813 89th Regiment Cross the Niagara River, Canada.
'Napoleon is Dead' - Criminal Conspiracy! Mon, 02/21/1814
Sun, 02/27/1814 Battle Honour ORTHES
Sun, 04/10/1814 Battle Honour 'TOULOUSE'
Treaty of Fontainebleau exiles Napoleon to Elba Mon, 04/11/1814
Sat, 06/04/1814 2/89th depart Canada for England
Thu, 07/07/1814 2/87th return from the Napoleonic Wars
Mon, 07/25/1814 89th Regiment at the Battle of Lundy's Lane, Canada
Napoleon escapes from Elba and returns to France Sun, 02/26/1815
Napoleon enters Paris, 'One Hundred Days' begins. Mon, 03/20/1815
Fri, 06/16/1815 Inniskillings march from Ghent to Waterloo
Sun, 06/18/1815 Battle Honour 'WATERLOO'.
Sun, 06/18/1815 The 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot
Mon, 06/19/1815 Casualties at Waterloo
Napoleon surrenders to Royal Navy Sat, 07/15/1815
Napoleon Bonaparte exiled to St Helena. Sun, 10/15/1815
Thu, 01/25/1816 Lt Shipp commends the Irish soldier.
Sat, 01/27/1816 3rd Inniskillings Disbanded.
Fri, 02/09/1816 1/87th advance into Nepal.
Thu, 02/20/1817 The Siege of Hattrass
Thu, 04/24/1817 Disbanding of 2/83rd Regiment of Foot
Sat, 01/10/1818 Inniskillings arrive in Gibraltar.
Thu, 02/11/1819 89th Regiment in India.
Sat, 10/23/1819 Battle Honour 'INDIA'
Death of King George III Sat, 01/29/1820
Death of Napoleon Bonaparte Sat, 05/05/1821
First Ashanti War Thu, 01/22/1824
Tue, 02/24/1824 Battle Honour 'AVA'
Mon, 03/07/1825 Battle of Donobyu - First Anglo-Burmese War
Sat, 04/02/1825 89th Regiment at capture of Donobyu, Anglo-Burmese War
Tue, 01/03/1826 87th Foot and 89th Foot secure victory in Patanago
Wed, 03/08/1826 Disease decimates 87th & 89th, Burma.
Sat, 11/17/1827 The 87th Regiment retitled a Royal Regiment
Death of King George IV. Sat, 06/26/1830
Tue, 11/23/1830 Inniskillings depart West Indies for Home.
Fri, 01/14/1831 The 87th Regiment of Foot in Mauritius.
Sat, 08/03/1833 Princess Victoria presents new Colours to the 89th
Slavery is abolished throughout the British Empire Wed, 08/28/1833
Fri, 08/08/1834 Death of Sir John Doyle
Mon, 08/18/1834 27th Inniskillings arrive at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
Sun, 01/15/1837 Major General Sir Hugh Gough visits the 87th, Mauritius.
Wed, 05/24/1837 New Colours for the Inniskillings
Thu, 06/15/1837 Yellow Fever and Mutiny in the West Indies
Death of King William IV. Tue, 06/20/1837
Thu, 12/14/1837 83rd Regiment's actions in Lower Canada
Sun, 02/25/1838 83rd Regiment at Fighting Island, Canada.
Sat, 03/03/1838 Rebels and 'Patriots' flee Pelee Island, Canada.
The Opium War, fought by the British against the Chinese Wed, 03/27/1839
Mon, 08/15/1842 87th and Chartist riots in Leeds
Mon, 02/02/1846 87th Regiment quell potato riots in Inverness.
Tue, 04/18/1848 Inniskillings return from South Africa
The Taiping Rebellion in China Wed, 12/25/1850
Thu, 11/18/1852 Inniskillings attend The Duke of Wellington's funeral
Fri, 11/18/1853 Raising of the 3rd Madras (European) Regiment
Crimean War - Britain declares war on Russia. Tue, 03/28/1854
Wed, 09/20/1854 Inniskillings perish as the Charlotte founders.
Charge of the Light Brigade Wed, 10/25/1854
Sun, 12/17/1854 89th Regiment land at Balaclava, Irish in the Crimean War.
Tue, 10/16/1855 Battle Honour, 'SEVASTOPOL'
Crimean War, Hostilities Cease. Fri, 02/29/1856
The Indian (Sepoy) Mutiny. Sun, 05/10/1857
Wed, 06/03/1857 27th & 87th volunteer for Peshawur Light Horse
Wed, 08/19/1857 83rd Regiment defend Mount Abu, the Indian Mutiny
Wed, 03/17/1858 Indian Mutiny - The Siege of Chanderi
Sat, 04/03/1858 Storming of Jhansi, the Indian Mutiny.
Mon, 04/19/1858 Capture of Banda, the Indian Mutiny.
Sat, 06/19/1858 Battle Honour 'CENTRAL INDIA'
Tue, 03/29/1859 Last action of the Indian Mutiny, 3rd Madras Regiment.
Mon, 12/05/1859 London Irish Rifles is formed
Sun, 03/18/1860 Sailing from India to Hong Kong, daily life at sea.
Sun, 04/22/1860 87th Foot arrive in Hong Kong
Wed, 04/10/1861 Raising of 108th Regiment of Foot (Madras Infantry)
American Civil War Fri, 04/12/1861
Fri, 07/21/1865 Riots in Rotherham.
Tue, 08/08/1865 89th Return from India
Thu, 04/05/1866 Queen Victoria presents Colours to 89th Regiment
Wed, 02/13/1867 Last Colours for the 86th Regiment
The Suez Canal is opened Wed, 11/17/1869
Wed, 03/23/1870 83rd Regiment to India
The Franco – Prussian War Tue, 07/19/1870
Fri, 12/30/1870 89th Princess Victoria's to India
Anglo-Zulu War Sat, 01/11/1879
First Anglo-Boer War Mon, 12/20/1880
Wed, 02/16/1881 Aid to the Civil Power, 108th Regiment to Preston.
Anglo-Sudan War Tue, 06/07/1881
Fri, 07/01/1881 27th Regiment and 108th Regiment (Madras Infantry) amalgamate.
Fri, 07/01/1881 87th and 89th Regiment of Foot retitled.
Fri, 07/01/1881 Royal Dublin Fusiliers created.
Fri, 07/01/1881 The Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment is created
Fri, 07/01/1881 Royal Munster Fusiliers created
Fri, 09/01/1882 Battle Honour, SOUTH AFRICA 1835,'46-47
Wed, 09/13/1882 Battle Honour 'TEL-EL-KEBIR'
Sat, 03/29/1884 Battle Honours 'EGYPT 1882,1884'
The Berlin Conference Sat, 11/15/1884
Thu, 12/20/1888 Royal Irish Rifles Mounted Infantry, Battle of Suakin, Sudan.
First Matabele War Wed, 10/25/1893
Sun, 08/12/1894 Inniskillings move to Kinsale, Ireland.
Second Matabele War Fri, 03/20/1896
Thu, 07/23/1896 Royal Irish Rifles to Matabeleland Rebellion
Wed, 01/13/1897 Inniskillings to Enniskillen.
Tue, 03/09/1897 Royal Irish Rifles volunteer to fight bubonic plague, India.
Wed, 09/22/1897 2nd Inniskillings join Peshawar Brigade for Tirah Expedition
Mon, 10/09/1899 Royal Irish Rifles mobilise for South Africa
Wed, 10/11/1899 Boers declare war on the British.
Second Anglo-Boer War Wed, 10/11/1899
Thu, 10/12/1899 Faughs to the Boer War
Fri, 10/13/1899 Siege of Mafeking
Fri, 10/20/1899 Assault on Talana Hill, South Africa
Mon, 10/30/1899 'Faugh-a-Ballaghs, fix your bayonets and die like men'.
Mon, 11/13/1899 Royal Irish Rifles arrive in South Africa, Boer War
Thu, 11/30/1899 Inniskillings to the Boer War, South Africa.
Sun, 12/10/1899 Battle of Stormberg
Mon, 12/11/1899 Royal Irish Rifles absolved after defeat at Stormberg.
Fri, 12/15/1899 Battle of Colenso, South Africa.
Fri, 12/22/1899 Christmas, the Boer War.
Mon, 01/29/1900 Under siege at Ladysmith.
Fri, 02/23/1900 Inniskilling Hill, Northern Natal.
Wed, 02/28/1900 Battle Honour RELIEF OF LADYSMITH
Sat, 03/03/1900 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers enter Ladysmith.
Wed, 03/14/1900 Inniskillings, Connaughts and Dubs recognised for utmost gallantry in South Africa
Fri, 03/16/1900 Reorganisation and reconstitution in Ladysmith after the siege
Sat, 03/17/1900 Saint Patrick’s Day and the Sprig of Shamrock
Wed, 04/04/1900 Royal Irish Rifles losses at Reddersberg, South Africa.
US Navy Submarine Day Wed, 04/11/1900
Wed, 05/16/1900 2nd Faughs take Christiana, Transvaal - Boer War.
The Boxer Rebellion in China Wed, 05/30/1900
Wed, 08/01/1900 Boers' Prisoners of War liberated.
Mon, 08/06/1900 Inniskillings return to the field force, South Africa.
Tue, 08/21/1900 Inniskillings at the Battle of Belfast, South Africa.
Mon, 01/07/1901 Faughs beat off Boers at 'Rocky Hill'.
Death of Queen Victoria. Tue, 01/22/1901
Sun, 04/28/1901 Royal Irish Rifles Militia volunteer for Boer War
Tue, 09/17/1901 Fighting at Blood River Poort, South Africa.
Tue, 01/21/1902 2nd Inniskillings depart India for South Africa
Wed, 02/12/1902 Hail injures Horses, South Africa.
Thu, 05/15/1902 Inniskillings to Vereeniging.
Sat, 05/31/1902 Battle Honour 'SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1902'
Sat, 01/17/1903 1st Inniskillings depart South Africa.
Sat, 10/24/1903 2nd Inniskillings depart South Africa for Egypt
Signing of the Entente Cordiale Fri, 04/08/1904
Thu, 07/14/1904 1 RIR detachment to the Tibet War.
Tue, 02/12/1907 1st Inniskillings from Crete to Malta
Tue, 05/18/1909 HM King Edward VII visits 1st Faughs, Aldershot.
Thu, 09/30/1909 1st Inniskillings depart Malta for China
Death of King Edward VII Fri, 05/06/1910
South Africa gains independence from Britain Tue, 05/31/1910
Thu, 08/17/1911 2nd Inniskillings stoned by strikers
Fri, 10/27/1911 Inniskillings recalled urgently to Tientsin
RMS Titanic strikes iceberg, sinking two and a half hours later on 15 April Sun, 04/14/1912
Mon, 11/04/1912 1st Inniskillings move from China to India.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated Sun, 06/28/1914
Austro-Hungarian Empire Declares War on Serbia Tue, 07/28/1914
Germany Declares War on Russia Sat, 08/01/1914
Germany Declares War on France Mon, 08/03/1914
Britain Declares War on Germany Tue, 08/04/1914
Tue, 08/04/1914 War!
Map of the Western Front 04-22 August 1914 Tue, 08/04/1914
Austro-Hungarian Empire Declares War on Russia. Thu, 08/06/1914
First British and Empire Shot of The Great War Fired Fri, 08/07/1914
Britain and France Declare War on Austria-Hungary Wed, 08/12/1914
Fri, 08/14/1914 2 RIR land in France
Fri, 08/21/1914 10th (Irish) Division is raised.
Sat, 08/22/1914 Inniskillings and Faughs land in France
First shot fired by the BEF, Belgium. Sat, 08/22/1914
Japan Declares War on Germany Sun, 08/23/1914
Sun, 08/23/1914 Battle Honour 'MONS'
Retreat from Mons Sun, 08/23/1914
Battle of Mons Sun, 08/23/1914
Tue, 08/25/1914 2 RIR, Retreat From Mons.
Wed, 08/26/1914 Battle Honour 'LE CATEAU'.
Battle of Le Cateau Wed, 08/26/1914
Fri, 08/28/1914 Faughs after Le Cateau
Sat, 09/05/1914 Rifles retreat to Crécy
Sun, 09/06/1914 Faughs in counterattack at the Marne
Advance to the Aisne Sun, 09/06/1914
Battle of the Marne Mon, 09/07/1914
Tue, 09/08/1914 7th Battalion The Royal Irish Rifles form up in Belfast
Fri, 09/11/1914 Rain Soaked Misery on the River Marne
Fri, 09/11/1914 1st Faughs advance to La Loge Farm
Fri, 09/11/1914 16th (Irish) Division is raised
Battle of the Aisne Sat, 09/12/1914
Sat, 09/12/1914 Battle Honour MARNE 1914
Mon, 09/14/1914 2 RIR Advance to the River Aisne
Thu, 10/01/1914 Faughs into the trenches.
Defence of Antwerp Sun, 10/04/1914
First Battle of Ypres, Flanders Sat, 10/10/1914
Sat, 10/17/1914 Faughs at Armentières
Sun, 10/18/1914 Lucky escape at Armentières
Wed, 10/28/1914 The Naming of the 36th (Ulster) Division.
Thu, 10/29/1914 Rifles mauled at La Bassée
Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). Sun, 11/01/1914
Britain and France declare War on the Ottoman Empire Thu, 11/05/1914
Wed, 11/18/1914 1st Faughs into the trenches at Messines Ridge
Thu, 11/26/1914 Letter from the Trenches
Fri, 11/27/1914 Brigade Commander inspects 7th Inniskillings
Mon, 12/07/1914 1st Inniskillings depart India, 1914
Wed, 12/16/1914 The Trenches, December 1914.
Egypt made British protectorate Fri, 12/18/1914
Fri, 12/25/1914 Christmas Truce, The Royal Irish Rifles.
Wed, 01/06/1915 From India to St. Eloi on the Western Front.
Tue, 01/26/1915 Letter Home from Billets
Sat, 02/06/1915 Jam Tins for Germans.
Allies attack Gallipoli Fri, 02/19/1915
Battle of Neuve Chapelle Wed, 03/10/1915
Wed, 03/10/1915 Battle Honour NEUVE CHAPELLE
Sun, 03/14/1915 Faughs overrun by Germans at St Eloi
Fri, 04/09/1915 1st Inniskillings embark for Lemnos and Gallipoli.
Mon, 04/12/1915 Private Robert Morrow VC
Battle of Gravenstafel, Ypres. Thu, 04/22/1915
Battle of St Julien, Ypres. Sat, 04/24/1915
Sun, 04/25/1915 Inniskillings land at Gallipoli
Sinking of the Lusitania Fri, 05/07/1915
Battle of Frezenberg, Ypres. Sat, 05/08/1915
Battle of Aubers, Ypres. Sun, 05/09/1915
Battle of Festubert, Ypres. Sat, 05/15/1915
Battle of Bellewaarde, Ypres. Mon, 05/24/1915
Thu, 07/01/1915 5 and 6 Faughs sail for Gallipoli.
Fri, 07/02/1915 Battle of Gully Ravine, Gallipoli
Fri, 08/06/1915 Inniskillings deceive Turks
Sat, 08/07/1915 10th (Irish) Division, Chocolate Hill, Gallipoli.
Sun, 08/08/1915 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers go into trenches near Mailly-Maillet on the Somme for the first time.
Tue, 08/10/1915 Rifles withdraw from Chunuk Bair, Gallipoli.
Sun, 08/15/1915 Kidney Hill, Gallipoli.
Mon, 08/16/1915 6 RIR move back to Anzac Cove, Gallipoli.
Tue, 08/17/1915 Water shortages, Gallipoli.
Sat, 08/21/1915 Battle of Scimitar Hill, Suvla.
Thu, 09/02/1915 1st Garrison Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers formed in Dublin
Battle of Flers - Courcelette, The Somme. Wed, 09/15/1915
Sat, 09/25/1915 Battle Honour LOOS
Battle of Loos, Ypres. Sat, 09/25/1915
Sun, 10/03/1915 36th (Ulster) Division lands in France.
Mon, 10/04/1915 9th Faughs land at Boulogne, France.
Tue, 10/05/1915 Gallipoli to Salonika, 10th (Irish) Division
Nurse Edith Cavell shot by German firing squad Tue, 10/12/1915
Sun, 10/31/1915 5th and 6th Faughs to Salonika
Sat, 11/06/1915 Dardanelles Football Cup
Sat, 11/13/1915 6 RIR into the Line, Macedonia
Wed, 11/24/1915 Mine and counter-mine operations, Gallipoli.
Mon, 12/06/1915 Bulgarians attack 10th (Irish) Division, the Balkans.
Tue, 12/07/1915 Bulgarians drive Faughs* off 'Rocky Peak', the Balkans.
Wed, 12/08/1915 10th (Irish) Division withdraw from Serbia
Sat, 12/11/1915 2nd Faughs into the Bird Cage - Salonika
Mon, 12/20/1915 Jersey Militia arrive in France.
Sun, 01/09/1916 Battle Honour 'GALLIPOLI 1915-16'
Wed, 01/19/1916 Trench Raid at Le Touquet.
Tue, 02/01/1916 7 & 8 Faughs ordered to France.
Wed, 02/02/1916 1st Garrison Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers transferred to India
Battle of Verdun begins Mon, 02/21/1916
Tue, 02/29/1916 Leap Year Day in the Trenches
Sat, 03/18/1916 1st Inniskillings land in France
Mon, 03/27/1916 7th Inniskillings Move Back to the Line
Sat, 04/01/1916 2nd Garrison Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers formed at Dublin
Mon, 04/03/1916 7th and the 8th Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers move into trenches, Hulluch, France.
Fri, 04/21/1916 Private Bailey at the Old Bailey; the Charge - High Treason.
State of War declared to exist in Dublin by Irish Command order HQ No 64231 Mon, 04/24/1916
Thu, 04/27/1916 The Easter Rising, Dublin.
Thu, 04/27/1916 16th (Irish) Division Gassed, Battle of Hulluch,
Irish Command declares State of War no longer exists in Dublin Mon, 05/08/1916
Battle of Jutland Wed, 05/31/1916
Russia Attacks - Brusilov Offensive Sun, 06/04/1916
Arab revolt against Turks Mon, 06/05/1916
Fri, 06/09/1916 Rifles at capture of Jenikoj
Fri, 06/23/1916 2/18th London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) first casualty
Artillery begins the Somme Offensive Sat, 06/24/1916
Tue, 06/27/1916 Marching back to the Somme
Sat, 07/01/1916 Battle Honour 'SOMME 1916,’18'.
Battle of Albert, The Somme. Sat, 07/01/1916
Wed, 07/12/1916 2/18th London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) first casualty
Battle of Bazentin, The Somme. Fri, 07/14/1916
Sun, 07/16/1916 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rifles, Battle of Bazentin Ridge.
Thu, 08/24/1916 Faughs' 2nd Garrison Battalion to Salonika
Italy declares war on Germany Sun, 08/27/1916
Battle of Guillemont, The Somme. Sun, 09/03/1916
Sat, 09/09/1916 16th (Irish) Division, Battle of Ginchy.
Battle of Ginchy, The Somme. Sat, 09/09/1916
Fri, 09/15/1916 London Irish attack at High Wood
Battle of Morval, The Somme. Mon, 09/25/1916
Battle of Thiepval, The Somme. Tue, 09/26/1916
Battle of Le Transloy, The Somme. Sun, 10/01/1916
Battle of the Ancre Heights, The Somme. Sun, 10/01/1916
Thu, 10/12/1916 Faughs attack Germans near Lesboeufs, the Somme.
Wed, 11/08/1916 Royal Irish Rifles at Ypres
Battle of the Ancre, The Somme. Mon, 11/13/1916
Field Marshal Haig declares Battle of the Somme is over. Sun, 11/19/1916
Operations on the Ancre - Advance to the Hindenburg Line. Thu, 01/11/1917
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Thu, 02/01/1917
The start of the Russian Revolution Thu, 03/08/1917
German Retreat to the Hindenburg Line Wed, 03/14/1917
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia Abdicates. Thu, 03/15/1917
United States of America Declares War on Germany Fri, 04/06/1917
Mon, 04/09/1917 Battle Honour ARRAS 1917
Battle of Vimy, Arras Offensive Mon, 04/09/1917
First Battle of the Scarpe, Arras Offensive. Mon, 04/09/1917
Wed, 04/11/1917 Heavy casualties as 1st Faughs try to capture Roeux Chemical Works, Arras
Second Battle of the Scarpe, Arras Offensive. Mon, 04/23/1917
Battle of Arleux, Arras Offensive. Sat, 04/28/1917
Tue, 05/01/1917 1st Garrison Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers transferred to Burma
Third Battle of the Scarpe, Arras Offensive. Thu, 05/03/1917
Battle of Bullecourt, Arras Offensive (Flanking). Thu, 05/03/1917
Fri, 05/04/1917 Failure at Arras.
Sat, 05/05/1917 6 RIR attack Kjupri, Salonika.
Fri, 05/11/1917 Faughs attack again at Arras
Mon, 05/14/1917 Inniskillings attack Hook Trench, Arras.
Tue, 06/05/1917 Preparations for the Battle of Messines
Thu, 06/07/1917 Battle Honour MESSINES 1914,'17,'18
Battle of Messines, Flanders Offensive. Thu, 06/07/1917
Tue, 06/26/1917 Winners at a Horse Show, Belgium, 1917.
Mon, 07/30/1917 Battle of Pilckem Ridge (Passchendaele) - 1 RIR's Approach March.
Battle of Pilckem, Ypres. Tue, 07/31/1917
Passchendaele Campaign Tue, 07/31/1917
Tue, 07/31/1917 Battle Honour YPRES 1914,'15,'17,'18
Thu, 08/02/1917 Ireland's Divisions Prepare for Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)
Battle of Hill 70, Arras Offensive (Flanking) Wed, 08/15/1917
Thu, 08/16/1917 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) Divisions attack together, Battle of Passchendaele.
Battle of Langemarck, Ypres. Thu, 08/16/1917
Sat, 08/18/1917 Battle Honour MACEDONIA 1915-17
Battle of the Menin Road, Ypres. Thu, 09/20/1917
Battle of Polygon Wood, Ypres. Wed, 09/26/1917
Battle of Broodenseinde, Ypres. Thu, 10/04/1917
Battle of Poelcappelle, Ypres. Tue, 10/09/1917
First battle of Passchendaele, Ypres. Fri, 10/12/1917
Tue, 10/16/1917 10th (Irish) Division assembles, Egypt
Second Battle of Passchendaele, Ypres. Fri, 10/26/1917
Sat, 11/03/1917 Faughs raid the Hindenburg Line
Wed, 11/07/1917 Battle Honour GAZA
Wed, 11/14/1917 2 RIR transfers to 36th (Ulster) Division
Tue, 11/20/1917 Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,'18
Battle of Cambrai Tue, 11/20/1917
Wed, 11/21/1917 Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,'18 - the Second Day.
Thu, 11/22/1917 Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,18 - the Third Day.
Fri, 11/23/1917 Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,'18 - the Fourth Day.
Mon, 11/26/1917 7th/8th Faughs return to the line at Cambrai
United States declares war on Austria-Hungary Fri, 12/07/1917
General Allenby enters Jerusalem Sun, 12/09/1917
Wed, 12/12/1917 Battle Honour JERUSALEM.
Mon, 12/24/1917 The Road to Nablus, Christmas Eve 1917.
Sat, 12/29/1917 Fighting Faughs build another road, Palestine.
Sat, 01/19/1918 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) Division into trenches, St Quentin.
Sun, 02/10/1918 7/8th Faughs disbanded.
Russia signs Peace Treaty Sun, 03/03/1918
'Spanish' Flu pandemic. Mon, 03/11/1918
Wed, 03/13/1918 10th (Irish) Division attack the Turks, Palestine.
Wed, 03/20/1918 Action at Tell 'Asur, Judean Hills, Palestine.
Thu, 03/21/1918 Battle Honour ST QUENTIN - German Spring Offensive 1918.
German Spring Offensive (Kaiserschlacht) Thu, 03/21/1918
Op MICHAEL Thu, 03/21/1918
Mon, 03/25/1918 16th (Irish) Division transfer to XIX Corps
Tue, 03/26/1918 36th (Ulster) Division turns to block German Spring Offensive
Thu, 03/28/1918 Depleted 36th (Ulster) Division awaits French Army
Sat, 03/30/1918 36th (Ulster) Division withdrawn from the Front.
German Lys Offensive Tue, 04/09/1918
Third Battle of the Aisne, German Blücher-Yorck Offensive. Mon, 05/27/1918
Op GNEISENAU Sun, 06/09/1918
Fri, 06/14/1918 16th (Irish) Division move to England
Battles of the Marne Sat, 07/20/1918
Advance in Picardy Thu, 08/08/1918
Advance in Flanders Sun, 08/18/1918
Sat, 08/24/1918 First Ever Ammo Resupply by RAF Aircraft
Breaking of the Hindenburg Line Mon, 08/26/1918
Tue, 09/03/1918 9th Faughs advance against the Germans at Bailleul
Wed, 09/04/1918 Faugh Battalions suffer casualties at Bailleul
Fourth (UK) Army breach Hindenburg Line Thu, 09/26/1918
Final Advance - Flanders Sat, 09/28/1918
Sun, 09/29/1918 Royal Irish Rifles assault Hill 41, Ypres
Bulgarian Armistice signed Sun, 09/29/1918
Mon, 09/30/1918 1st and 9th Battalions The Royal Irish Fusiliers begin the assault to capture the German positions at Mansard, Goldflake and Twig Farms near Dadizeele, Belgium
Mon, 09/30/1918 2nd Garrison Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers transferred to Macedonia
Final Advance - Artois Wed, 10/02/1918
Wed, 10/02/1918 Battle Honour YPRES 1914,'15,'17,'18
Thu, 10/03/1918 6 Inniskillings, Beaurevoir
Pursuit to the Selle Wed, 10/09/1918
Wed, 10/16/1918 9th Faughs assault across the River Lys
Final Advance - Picardy Thu, 10/17/1918
Sat, 10/19/1918 36th (Ulster) Division crosses the River Lys.
Tue, 10/22/1918 Royal Irish Rifles' final engagement of the First World War
Turkey signs Armistice Wed, 10/30/1918
Thu, 10/31/1918 War's end in Palestine.
Austria-Hungary Armistice signed Sun, 11/03/1918
Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates. [Video] Sat, 11/09/1918
First World War comes to an end Mon, 11/11/1918
Mon, 11/11/1918 Royal Irish Rifles at War's end
Mon, 11/11/1918 Royal Irish Fusiliers at War's end - 'FINIS'*
Mon, 11/11/1918 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at War's end.
Mon, 11/11/1918 War's End
Mon, 11/11/1918 London Irish Rifles at War's end.
The Treaty of Versailles Sat, 06/28/1919
Fri, 10/10/1919 1st Faughs depart for Kasvin
Sun, 11/30/1919 Michael Patrick Faugh demobilised in Cairo
Tue, 12/30/1919 The Royal Irish Fusiliers is reduced to two battalions.
League of Nations established Sat, 01/10/1920
Sat, 07/17/1920 Relief of Rumaitha, Mesopotamia.
Wed, 09/01/1920 Faughs ambushed at Fasilah, Mesopotamia [Iraq].
Wed, 11/10/1920 The Return of the Unknown Warrior
Sat, 01/01/1921 RIR RIP RUR.
Sat, 05/07/1921 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers leave Iraq for Egypt
Wed, 06/22/1921 Royal Irish Rifles mount Honour Guard for The King.
Anglo-Irish Treaty signed Tue, 12/06/1921
Egypt becomes independent from Britain Wed, 02/22/1922
Fri, 03/31/1922 1st Faughs depart Egypt.
Fri, 03/31/1922 Order to disband the Faughs cancelled.
Wed, 04/05/1922 Faughs to be disbanded?
Mon, 06/12/1922 Disbandment of the Irish Regiments
Irish Civil War Wed, 06/28/1922
Wed, 07/19/1922 Conference to save The Royal Irish Fusiliers
British Mandate, Palestine. Mon, 07/24/1922
Irish Free State established. Wed, 12/06/1922
Tue, 02/05/1924 Faughs arrive in Egypt.
Fri, 03/28/1924 Skins and Faughs form a Corps.
Sun, 05/04/1924 Inniskillings in Iraq
Sun, 02/08/1925 A Charwallah for the Faughs.
Thu, 02/11/1926 Faughs move to Cairo.
Tue, 10/18/1927 Faughs move, Egypt to India.
The Great Depression starts; it lasts into the start of World War 2 Tue, 06/17/1930
Japanese invasion of Manchuria Sat, 09/19/1931
Wed, 11/16/1932 Inniskillings Guard of Honour at the Opening of Stormont
Fri, 12/01/1933 1st Faughs arrive in the Sudan
Mon, 11/05/1934 Faughs return from Cyprus and Sudan
Death of King George V. Mon, 01/20/1936
Germany enters Rhineland Sat, 03/07/1936
Spanish Civil War Fri, 07/17/1936
Sat, 09/12/1936 Faughs embark for Haifa to quell Arab violence
Abdication of King Edward VIII. Fri, 12/11/1936
Wed, 04/14/1937 Faughs reconstituted with 1st and 2nd Battalions.
Second Sino-Japanese War Wed, 07/07/1937
Fri, 10/29/1937 Riflemen killed by Japanese, Shanghai.
Mon, 11/01/1937 Presentation of Colours to The Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Thu, 11/25/1937 Goatherds with Guns.
Tue, 01/04/1938 2 Faughs embark for Malta.
Thu, 03/10/1938 2 RUR under enemy fire, Palestine.
Tue, 07/12/1938 2 RUR on the Syrian Frontier
Thu, 08/25/1938 King's Colour presented to 1st Inniskillings
Munich Agreement signed Thu, 09/29/1938
Tue, 10/11/1938 2 Faughs to Palestine
Sat, 10/15/1938 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers to Palestine
Sat, 11/05/1938 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers moves to Guernsey
Mon, 01/09/1939 1 RUR on the North West Frontier.
Thu, 06/01/1939 Colours presented to Inniskilling Battalions
Mon, 08/14/1939 1st Faughs to Tidworth
Montgomery to 3rd (Iron) Division Mon, 08/28/1939
Germany invades Poland Fri, 09/01/1939
Britain declares war on Germany Sun, 09/03/1939
Wed, 09/13/1939 1st Faughs prepare for France
Sat, 09/16/1939 Inniskillings land at Cherbourg, France.
Soviet Union invades Poland Sun, 09/17/1939
Wed, 09/20/1939 George VI and Queen Elizabeth visit 1st Faughs
Tue, 10/17/1939 'Who will carry the Boys Rifles?'
Germany invades France and the Low Countries Fri, 05/10/1940
Sun, 05/12/1940 Battle Honour DYLE
Fri, 05/17/1940 Inniskillings; first contact with the Germans
Fri, 05/17/1940 Exhausted 2 RUR withdraws through Brussels
Sat, 05/18/1940 Faughs; first contact with the Germans
Sat, 05/18/1940 Faughs withdraw to Escault
Sun, 05/19/1940 Medical Officer uses jackknife to amputate a hand.
Mon, 05/20/1940 Faughs withdraw from the River Dendre
Wed, 05/22/1940 2 RUR withdraws from Bossuyt to Turcoing
Thu, 05/23/1940 Battle Honour ST. OMER-LA-BASSEE
Sun, 05/26/1940 Inniskillings fighting at Ypres-Comines Canal
Sun, 05/26/1940 MM and Reprimand awarded.
Mon, 05/27/1940 Operation DYNAMO, Evacuation from Dunkirk
Tue, 05/28/1940 Faughs fall back to Watou.
Belgium Surrenders Tue, 05/28/1940
Wed, 05/29/1940 Move to Dunkirk's Beaches
Thu, 05/30/1940 1st Faughs escape Dunkirk.
Sat, 06/01/1940 Battle Honour DUNKIRK 1940
Tue, 06/04/1940 1 RUR departs India
Mussolini's Italy declares war on Britain and France Mon, 06/10/1940
Tue, 06/11/1940 Battle Honour MALTA 1940
France surrenders to Germany Sat, 06/22/1940
Battle of Britain begins Wed, 06/26/1940
Tripartite Pact; Germany/Italy/Japan. Fri, 09/27/1940
Fri, 04/11/1941 Faughs down a Stuka?
Germans capture Crete Tue, 05/20/1941
Germany invades Soviet Union Sun, 06/22/1941
Japan attacks USA at Pearl Harbour. Sun, 12/07/1941
Japanese invade Malaya Mon, 12/08/1941
Germany declares war on USA Thu, 12/11/1941
Thu, 01/01/1942 How 8 RUR became a Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment.
Tue, 01/13/1942 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade is titled.
Singapore surrenders to Japanese Sun, 02/15/1942
Sat, 04/18/1942 Battle Honour 'YENANGYAUNG 1942'.
The Battle of Stalingrad Sun, 08/23/1942
Thu, 08/27/1942 1 LIR depart UK for Middle East
Battle of Alamein Fri, 10/23/1942
Allies invade North Africa - Operation TORCH Sun, 11/08/1942
Tue, 11/10/1942 2 LIR depart for North Africa
Mon, 12/21/1942 38 (Irish) Brigade assembles in North Africa.
Mon, 12/28/1942 Faughs capture their first POWs, North Africa.
Fri, 01/01/1943 Inniskillings attack Thayetpin village, Burma.
Fri, 01/08/1943 Inniskilling attack Japanese at Donbaik, Burma.
Mon, 01/18/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade beat off German attack, Tunisia.
Fri, 01/22/1943 Sergeant McAleer's Revenge - 29 for 1 - Tunisia
Sat, 01/23/1943 Reflecting on the Faughs, North Africa.
Thu, 02/18/1943 Inniskillings attack Donbaik, Burma.
Fri, 02/26/1943 Battle Honour BOU ARADA
Mon, 03/01/1943 Faughs ambush Germans, Tunisia.
Mon, 03/15/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade join 78th (Battleaxe) Infantry Division
Thu, 04/01/1943 1 LIR departs Iraq for Palestine
Wed, 04/07/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade captures Jebel al Mahdi, Tunisia.
Thu, 04/15/1943 Night Attack along Djebel el Ang,Tunisia.
Thu, 04/22/1943 Battle Honour DJEBEL TANNGOUCHA
Thu, 05/06/1943 Battle Honour NORTH AFRICA 1942-43
Surrender of Axis Forces in North Africa Thu, 05/13/1943
Fri, 06/11/1943 2nd Faughs depart Malta
Kursk Offensive, Operation CITADEL Mon, 07/05/1943
Allies invade Sicily Fri, 07/09/1943
Sun, 07/11/1943 8 RUR - Mistaken in Malta
Mon, 07/19/1943 2 INNISKS capture 'LEMON', Sicily
Mon, 07/26/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade into Sicily.
Tue, 08/03/1943 Battle Honour 'CENTURIPE'.
Thu, 08/05/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade cross River Simeto, Sicily.
Wed, 08/11/1943 Irish Brigade attack Maletto and advance to Randazzo, Sicily.
Italian surrender announced. Fri, 09/03/1943
Allied invasion of Italy - Operations BAYTOWN, AVALANCHE and SLAPSTICK. Fri, 09/03/1943
Wed, 09/22/1943 Inniskillings reach Salerno
Fri, 09/24/1943 London Irish - 'Summer Holiday' in Italy
Sat, 09/25/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade land at Taranto
Wed, 09/29/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade move to Barletta.
78th Battleaxe Division advance to Volturno Line Sun, 10/03/1943
Tue, 10/05/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade land at Termoli
Wed, 10/06/1943 6th Inniskillings attack 16 Panzer Division at Termoli
Tue, 10/26/1943 2nd INNISKILLINGS attack Isernia, Italy.
Thu, 11/04/1943 Night (graffiti) patrol, Isernia
Fri, 11/12/1943 The Battle For Leros
Mon, 11/15/1943 2 INNISKILLINGS share POWs with Americans
Tue, 11/16/1943 Leros is seized by the Germans
Fri, 11/19/1943 1st Faughs recce the German's Winter Line at Torino
Sun, 11/28/1943 The Sangro Line, Italy.
Mon, 11/29/1943 6th Inniskillings attack Licolle at Sangro
Tue, 11/30/1943 Battle Honour SANGRO
Wed, 12/01/1943 Irish Brigade advances along east coast of Italy
Thu, 12/02/1943 38 (Irish) Brigade battle Germans in San Vito, Italy.
Thu, 12/30/1943 2 INNISKILLINGS Patrol Against Germans in the Apennines.
First Battle for Cassino, Italy. Wed, 01/12/1944
Tue, 01/18/1944 Battle Honour GARIGLIANO CROSSING
Wed, 01/19/1944 Battle Honour MINTURNO
Thu, 01/20/1944 London Irish Rifles at Garigliano Crossing.
Op SHINGLE - Battle of Anzio Sat, 01/22/1944
Wed, 02/02/1944 Inniskillings Rest and Recuperation in Italy.
Fri, 02/04/1944 London Irish Rifles into Anzio.
Mon, 02/07/1944 Germans attack at Anzio.
Tue, 02/15/1944 1 LIR rest at Anzio.
Second Battle for Cassino, Italy. Tue, 02/15/1944
Thu, 02/17/1944 2nd Inniskillings on Monte Damiano, Italy.
Mon, 02/21/1944 London Irish Rifles return to the front at Anzio.
Sat, 03/11/1944 Battle Honour 'ANZIO'
Third Battle for Cassino Wed, 03/15/1944
Operation STRANGLE - Italy Sun, 03/19/1944
Fri, 03/24/1944 Victory Rolls at Anzio, Italy.
Thu, 04/06/1944 Faughs' Padre awarded MC.
Operation DIADEM - Fourth Battle for Cassino Thu, 05/11/1944
Tue, 05/16/1944 Irish Brigade attack the Gustav Line, Italy
Wed, 05/17/1944 6th Inniskillings attack Piumarola, Italy.
Tue, 06/06/1944 Battle Honour 'NORMANDY LANDING'.
Operation OVERLORD - Allied invasion of Normandy, France. Tue, 06/06/1944
Fri, 06/09/1944 2 RUR Capture Cambes, Normandy.
Mon, 06/12/1944 Irish Brigade's Papal Audience
Wed, 06/14/1944 38 (Irish) Brigade advance north of Rome, Italy.
Wed, 06/21/1944 Battle for San Fatucchio, 38 (Irish) Brigade, Italy.
Sun, 06/25/1944 Faugh CO captured, Italy.
Brazil enters the Second World War Sun, 07/02/1944
Soviet forces enter Poland Tue, 07/04/1944
Sun, 07/09/1944 Battle Honour CAEN
Sun, 07/09/1944 6th Inniskillings Disbanded.
Tue, 07/18/1944 TROARN - 2 RUR
Mon, 07/24/1944 38 (Irish) Brigade relieved in Italy
Sun, 08/13/1944 Commander 38 (Irish) Brigade frowns on Cairo Rioters.
Allies invade Southern France Tue, 08/15/1944
Liberation of Paris Thu, 08/24/1944
Advance from the Seine to Antwerp Sat, 08/26/1944
Op MARKET GARDEN Sun, 09/17/1944
Tue, 09/19/1944 2 RUR Assault Crossing of Meuese-Escaut Canal
Tue, 11/14/1944 Medals for 2 RUR.
Battle of the Bulge Sat, 12/16/1944
Wed, 01/31/1945 RUR recce across the River Meuse.
Mon, 02/05/1945 RUR patrol captures prisoners.
Thu, 03/15/1945 Irish Brigade fighting on the Senio River
Wed, 03/21/1945 2 RUR Watch on the Rhine
Operation PLUNDER, crossing the Rhine. Fri, 03/23/1945
Sat, 03/24/1945 Battle Honour 'RHINE'
Operation VARSITY Sat, 03/24/1945
Fri, 04/13/1945 2 RUR Patrol Actions - Harpstedt
Bergen-Belsen Liberation Sun, 04/15/1945
Tue, 04/17/1945 Battle Honour 'ARGENTA GAP'.
Thu, 04/19/1945 2 RUR attack Moordeich (nr Bremen)
Tue, 04/24/1945 2 RUR Cross Ochtum Floods, Battle Honour BREMEN
US and Soviet troops meet at Torgau, south of Berlin Wed, 04/25/1945
Thu, 04/26/1945 Battle Honour 'ITALY 1943-45'
Death of Mussolini Sat, 04/28/1945
Hitler commits suicide Mon, 04/30/1945
Wed, 05/02/1945 Axis troops surrender on the Italian front.
Germans surrender to Montgomery, NW Germany. Fri, 05/04/1945
Unconditional surrender of Germany. Mon, 05/07/1945
Germany surrenders to the Soviets Tue, 05/08/1945
Tue, 05/08/1945 Victory in Europe - VE Day.
Victory in Europe, VE Day Tue, 05/08/1945
Thu, 05/10/1945 At war's end, 1st Faughs in Klagenfurt, Austria.
Sat, 05/26/1945 Liberating the Mess Silver
The first atomic bomb (Little Boy) is dropped on Hiroshima Mon, 08/06/1945
Russia declares war on Japan. Wed, 08/08/1945
The second atomic bomb (Fat Man) is dropped on Nagasaki Thu, 08/09/1945
Victory over Japan Day Wed, 08/15/1945
Korea is divided Wed, 08/15/1945
Japanese sign Surrender Documents Wed, 09/12/1945
Mon, 10/15/1945 RUR posted to Palestine
United Nations Charter ratified Wed, 10/24/1945
Tue, 10/15/1946 Inniskillings to Internal Security, Lahore (India)
Wed, 01/01/1947 107 (Ulster) Brigade (TA) formed
Thu, 05/01/1947 The Royal Irish Fusiliers reduce to one battalion
Thu, 08/07/1947 1st Inniskillings depart India, 1947
India and Pakistan gain independence Fri, 08/15/1947
Tue, 09/02/1947 Brigadier E E J Moore appointed Colonel of The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Sat, 12/27/1947 Lieutenant General Sir James Steele Addresses the 2nd Inniskillings
Sat, 05/01/1948 Royal Ulster Rifles reduce to one Battalion.
State of Israel created after United Nations partition of Palestine Fri, 05/14/1948
Malayan Emergency declared Wed, 06/16/1948
Berlin Blockaded by Soviet Union. Thu, 06/24/1948
Wed, 08/04/1948 1st Inniskillings arrive in Singapore
North Atlantic Treaty Mon, 04/04/1949
Mao proclaims People's Republic of China Sat, 10/01/1949
Tue, 11/01/1949 1st Inniskillings moves to West Indies
Fri, 03/17/1950 Royal Irish Fusiliers Chapel dedicated, Armagh.
North Korea invades South Korea Sun, 06/25/1950
UN adopts Resolution 83. Tue, 06/27/1950
Sat, 07/15/1950 Presentation of Colours, 5th Inniskillings.
Inchon landing and invasion of N.Korea. Fri, 09/15/1950
UN Forces advance to the Chinese border, Korea. Sun, 10/01/1950
Sun, 10/01/1950 Faughs move to Göttingen, West Germany
Chinese First Phase Offensive Fri, 10/13/1950
Sun, 11/05/1950 1 RUR arrives in South Korea
Chinese Second Phase Offensive Sat, 11/25/1950
Mon, 12/04/1950 1 RUR withdraw south of Taedong River, Korea.
Sat, 12/09/1950 Safe blowing, Korea.
Sat, 12/23/1950 Christmas in Korea.
Chinese Third Phase Offensive Sun, 12/31/1950
Tue, 01/02/1951 Chaegunghyon - 1 RUR in 'Happy Valley'.
Wed, 01/03/1951 1 RUR withdraw after Battle of Chaegunghyon, Korea.
Seoul captured by Chinese and N. Korean Thu, 01/04/1951
Wed, 01/24/1951 RUR move to positions north of Pyongtaek, Korea.
Chinese Fourth Phase (Defensive) Tue, 01/30/1951
Wed, 02/14/1951 1 RUR advance, Korea.
Mon, 02/19/1951 RUR advance to Hill 630.
Fri, 03/02/1951 Deception and rest on the River Han, Korea.
Op RIPPER - Seoul recaptured Wed, 03/14/1951
Sun, 04/01/1951 1st INNISKILLINGS depart Jamaica
Thu, 04/05/1951 1 RUR on the River Imjin, Korea.
Sat, 04/14/1951 Chinese attack 1 RUR, Hill 194, Korea.
Chinese Fifth Phase (Spring) Offensive Sun, 04/22/1951
Mon, 04/23/1951 Battle of Imjin, Korea, 1 RUR attacked.
Wed, 04/25/1951 Battle Honour IMJIN
Sat, 04/28/1951 1 RUR moves to Kimpo, Korea.
Wed, 05/09/1951 1 RUR moves to River Han, Korea.
Wed, 05/30/1951 Return to the Imjin, 1 RUR - Korea.
Stalemate in Korea Fri, 06/01/1951
Sun, 06/17/1951 1 RUR attack Chinese on Hill 187, Korea.
1st British Commonwealth Division - Korea Mon, 07/23/1951
Thu, 10/04/1951 Operation COMMANDO - 1 RUR, Korea.
Sun, 10/07/1951 Battle Honour KOREA 1950-51
Sun, 11/04/1951 1 INNISKILLINGS embark for Middle East.
Thu, 11/15/1951 1 INNISKILLINGS arrive in Egypt
Death of King George VI. Wed, 02/06/1952
Sat, 02/23/1952 1 INNISKILLINGS move to Tel el Kebir
Sat, 05/24/1952 Freedom of Enniskillen, The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Thu, 09/25/1952 1 INNISKILLINGS depart Egypt
Kenya Emergency Mon, 10/20/1952
Death of Stalin Thu, 03/05/1953
Thu, 05/14/1953 Attack on 2nd Inniskillings, Suez Canal Zone.
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Tue, 06/02/1953
Korean War Armistice signed Mon, 07/27/1953
Sat, 02/06/1954 Freedom of the City of Belfast for The Royal Ulster Rifles
Sat, 06/12/1954 Gough Barracks Raided
Sun, 06/13/1954 Faughs arrive in Korea
Wed, 09/22/1954 2nd Inniskillings arrive in Cyprus
Sun, 01/30/1955 Faughs in Kenya
Cyprus Emergency Fri, 04/01/1955
Warsaw Pact formed Sat, 05/14/1955
Thu, 06/02/1955 Inniskillings receive Freedom of Nairobi
Sat, 12/24/1955 Faughs depart Kenya.
Suez Canal Nationalised Thu, 07/26/1956
Sat, 09/01/1956 2nd Inniskillings Disband
Suez Crisis, Israel invades Egypt. Mon, 10/29/1956
USSR invades Hungary Sun, 11/04/1956
Suez Crisis, Britain and France invade Canal Zone. Mon, 11/05/1956
Wed, 12/12/1956 Bomb at Gough Barracks, Armagh.
Mon, 09/01/1958 Battle of the Barn, Liopetri, Cyprus.
Fri, 09/05/1958 Another Bomb at Gough Barracks!
Sat, 02/27/1960 North Irish Brigade Cap Badge.
Mon, 05/01/1961 1st Inniskillings deploy to Kuwait from Kenya
Berlin Wall is built Sun, 08/13/1961
Tue, 02/20/1962 Presentation of New Colours to 1st Inniskillings
The Cuban Missile Crisis Sun, 10/14/1962
Indonesian Confrontation Sun, 01/20/1963
Mon, 05/20/1963 RUR 's Operational Deployment, Sarawak
Tue, 07/09/1963 New Colours for the Faughs
President John F Kennedy of the United States assassinated Fri, 11/22/1963
Thu, 01/30/1964 RUR prepare for 'Confrontation', Sarawak.
Thu, 02/20/1964 1st Inniskillings to Cyprus
UN Resolution 186 establishes Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus. Wed, 03/04/1964
Tue, 03/10/1964 Faughs Boxing Champions
Tue, 09/15/1964 First Edition of SUN Newspaper.
Death of Churchill Sun, 01/24/1965
Wed, 02/10/1965 Farewell to Sarawak, 1 RUR (Borneo Island)
US Combat Troops to Vietnam Mon, 03/08/1965
Fri, 05/07/1965 1 RUR march through Belfast post Borneo/Sarawak
Tue, 06/15/1965 North Irish Brigade Depot opens at St Patrick's Barracks, Ballymena
Fri, 09/03/1965 Inniskillings to Berlin
Fri, 07/08/1966 Burial of the No 4 Lee Enfield Rifle.
Sat, 09/24/1966 Final Parade of 5th Faughs
Sat, 12/03/1966 Faugh's Bravery in Aden
Sat, 04/01/1967 Raising of The North Irish Militia (NIM)
The Six Day Arab-Israeli War starts Mon, 06/05/1967
Britain departs Aden Thu, 11/30/1967
Mon, 04/01/1968 RHQ R IRISH opens in Belfast.
Sat, 06/01/1968 North Irish Militia First Annual Camp 1968, Scotland
Sat, 06/08/1968 The Royal Irish Fusiliers Troop the Colour, Portadown.
Mon, 07/01/1968 Vesting Day, formation of The Royal Irish Rangers (27th (Iniskilling) 83rd 87th)
Mon, 09/23/1968 Dedication of Inniskilling's Regimental Chapel, St Macartin's Cathedral, Enniskillen.
Mon, 11/11/1968 2 R IRISH (Rangers) march past President de Gaulle.
Tue, 12/03/1968 3rd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Disbands.
Thu, 05/15/1969 Move of Inniskillings' Museum.
Tue, 07/01/1969 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1969, UK, Malta and Federal Republic of Germany.
Operation BANNER, Northern Ireland Thu, 08/14/1969
Mon, 09/01/1969 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Gibraltar to UK
The Hunt Report is published. Fri, 10/10/1969
Sat, 11/01/1969 First Commander The Ulster Defence Regiment
Wed, 11/12/1969 First Colonel Commandant UDR
Thu, 12/18/1969 The Ulster Defence Regiment Act 1969.
Thu, 01/01/1970 Regimental Headquarters UDR formed
Wed, 02/18/1970 First UDR recruits
Wed, 04/01/1970 The Ulster Defence Regiment becomes operational.
Thu, 04/30/1970 UDR's First Major Operation.
Mon, 06/01/1970 First Training Camp for The Ulster Defence Regiment*
Tue, 06/02/1970 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Bahrain.
Sun, 06/28/1970 UDR's first call-out for full time service.
Wed, 07/01/1970 North Irish Militia retitled as Rangers.
Wed, 07/01/1970 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1970, Wales
Wed, 07/01/1970 UDR Commissioning Course*
Thu, 10/01/1970 1 R IRISH move to British Army of the Rhine.
First British soldier killed, the 'Troubles'. Sat, 02/06/1971
Thu, 04/01/1971 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers raised.
Sat, 05/01/1971 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1971; England, Federal Republic of Germany and Cyprus.
Mon, 05/03/1971 2 R IRISH, Exercise MOON LADY, Denmark.
Sat, 05/08/1971 UDR's first terrorist casualties.
Thu, 07/01/1971 North Irish Militia win China Cup
Wed, 07/07/1971 Prix Leclerc Military Competition
Sun, 08/01/1971 NIM BHQ relocates to Charles Street, Portadown.
Mon, 08/09/1971 First UDR soldier shot and killed, Op DEMETRIUS
Mon, 09/20/1971 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Public Duties, London
Mon, 11/01/1971 1 R IRISH UNFICYP tour Cyprus 1972.
Mon, 11/15/1971 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Ex GOBI DUST, USA
Wed, 12/01/1971 Crisis in Malta, 2 R IRISH.
Wed, 12/08/1971 8 UDR is formed.
Sun, 12/12/1971 Terrorists murder UDR soldier.
Wed, 12/15/1971 9 UDR is formed.
Sat, 01/15/1972 10 UDR is formed.
Sun, 02/06/1972 UDR deployed to Newry .
Sun, 02/27/1972 2 R IRISH move to Warminster
Mon, 04/17/1972 Murder on the Border
Sat, 07/01/1972 11 UDR formed.
Tue, 07/04/1972 Presentation of Colours to The Royal Irish Rangers
Fri, 07/14/1972 1 R IRISH Troop the Colour, Federal Republic of Germany
Fri, 08/18/1972 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers First Annual Camp, 1972, Scotland.
Wed, 08/30/1972 North Irish Militia Troop The Colour.
Thu, 08/31/1972 'Killaloe', becomes the Regimental Quick March of The Royal Irish Rangers.
Fri, 09/29/1972 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Troop the Colour.
Sun, 10/01/1972 First edition of 'The Irish Ranger' newspaper
Thu, 03/01/1973 Sandhurst training for UDR Officer Cadets*
Sat, 05/12/1973 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1973, Federal Republic of Germany.
Wed, 07/18/1973 Greenfinches join the UDR.
Wed, 07/25/1973 The Royal Tournament, London.
Sat, 08/18/1973 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1973, England.
Sun, 10/28/1973 First operational deployment of Greenfinches.
Mon, 04/01/1974 UDR Call Out
Thu, 05/02/1974 First female UDR soldier killed by IRA.
Mon, 06/10/1974 Death of the Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Irish Rangers.
Mon, 07/01/1974 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1974, England.
Sat, 08/17/1974 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1974, England.
Sun, 09/01/1974 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Warminster
Sun, 09/01/1974 2 R IRISH move to British Army of the Rhine, West Germany.
Twenty nine years after the ending of WW2 Private Teruo Nakamura finally surrenders Wed, 12/18/1974
Wed, 01/29/1975 2 R IRISH to Cyprus following Turkish invasions.
Fall of Saigon, end of the Vietnam War Wed, 04/30/1975
Thu, 05/01/1975 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1975, England.
Thu, 05/01/1975 12th US Infantry Regiment Combat Team attached to 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers
Fri, 08/15/1975 Change of Depot QM
Mon, 09/01/1975 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1975, England.
Mon, 12/01/1975 UDR establishes Province Reserve*
Wed, 01/07/1976 UDR Call Out
Death of Montgomery Wed, 03/24/1976
Mon, 05/03/1976 Freedom of Belfast conferred on The Royal Irish Rangers
Mon, 05/24/1976 9 UDR and 11 UDR first UDR TAORs
Sat, 06/05/1976 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1976, England.
Wed, 06/16/1976 1 R IRISH Troop the Colour.
Wed, 06/23/1976 2 R IRISH, Ex MEDICINE MAN III, Canada 1976.
Sat, 07/10/1976 NIM Annual Camp 1976, Federal Republic of Germany.
Wed, 09/01/1976 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers moves to Little Rissington
Sat, 01/01/1977 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Public Duties.
Fri, 04/01/1977 1 R IRISH (Rangers) UN tour, Cyprus 1977.
Fri, 04/29/1977 Major call out of UDR.
Fri, 05/13/1977 The Depot
Thu, 07/07/1977 Silver Jubilee, Sennelager BAOR
Mon, 08/01/1977 North Irish Militia Annual Camp, Scotland 1977.
Tue, 08/09/1977 Ulster Defence Regiment Call Out provides security for Queen's visit.
Wed, 08/10/1977 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee visit to Northern Ireland.
Thu, 09/01/1977 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1977, Scotland.
Thu, 12/01/1977 Operation BURBERRY - 1 R IRISH firefighting in Manchester.
Sun, 01/01/1978 3 UDR takes over East and South Down
Wed, 02/08/1978 IRA booby-trap bomb kills UDR soldier and his daughter.
Sat, 04/01/1978 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, re-role as a NATO Reinforcement Battalion.
Tue, 04/18/1978 North Irish Militia retitled.
Mon, 05/01/1978 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1978, Federal Republic of Germany.
Sun, 06/18/1978 Margaret Thatcher visits 3 UDR
Fri, 09/01/1978 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1978, England.
Sun, 04/01/1979 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Tidworth, Wiltshire.
Tue, 05/01/1979 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Berlin.
Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female prime minister Thu, 05/03/1979
Mon, 08/27/1979 3 UDR, Narrow Water Attack
Sat, 09/01/1979 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Belize
Fri, 09/28/1979 UDR Battalions deploy during Pope's visit.
Mon, 10/01/1979 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1979, Federal Republic of Germany.
Mon, 10/01/1979 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1979, England.
Start of the Soviet War in Afghanistan Thu, 12/27/1979
Sun, 01/06/1980 IRA Landmine attack on 3 UDR.
Mon, 09/08/1980 5 (V) R IRISH Annual Camp 1980, Federal Republic of Germany.
Wed, 10/01/1980 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1980, England.
Thu, 01/01/1981 Guarding Her Majesty's Prison (HMP) Rollestone Camp
Wed, 01/21/1981 Death of Captain Sir Norman Stronge
Wed, 04/01/1981 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Chester.
Mon, 06/01/1981 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1981, Northern Ireland.
Sat, 06/06/1981 Dedication of the Regimental Chapel, St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast.
Mon, 06/08/1981 Beating Retreat by the Irish Regiments.
Sat, 08/01/1981 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1981, Federal Republic of Germany.
Wed, 08/26/1981 Presentation of Colours to 5 (V) R IRISH.
Tue, 09/01/1981 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Belize
Thu, 10/01/1981 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Berlin
Falklands War Fri, 04/02/1982
Tue, 04/20/1982 UDR and RN Joint Operations
Mon, 05/31/1982 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Op CORPORATE (Falkland Islands)
Tue, 06/01/1982 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1982, England.
Argentina surrenders ending the Falklands War Mon, 06/14/1982
Thu, 07/01/1982 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1982, England.
Tue, 03/01/1983 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Falkland Islands Garrison
Wed, 06/01/1983 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1983, England.
Wed, 06/01/1983 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1983, England.
Wed, 07/13/1983 Landmine Attack on 6 UDR
Sun, 09/25/1983 Maze Prison Breakout
Tue, 11/01/1983 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Dover.
Tue, 01/10/1984 2 R IRISH guard Greenham Common
Sun, 05/20/1984 1/9 UDR is formed.
Wed, 08/01/1984 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1984, Federal Republic of Germany.
Sun, 10/14/1984 7 UDR and 10 UDR Amalgamate
Tue, 01/01/1985 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to British Army of the Rhine, Osnabrück.
Thu, 05/30/1985 2 R IRISH deploy to UNFICYP
Sat, 06/01/1985 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1985, England.
Thu, 08/15/1985 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1985, England.
Sat, 05/31/1986 5 (V) R IRISH Annual Camp 1986, England.
Fri, 08/01/1986 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1986, England.
Wed, 10/15/1986 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Exercise MEDICINE MAN 7, Canada.
Sun, 03/01/1987 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Falkland Islands Garrison.
Sat, 08/01/1987 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1987, England.
Sat, 08/29/1987 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1987, England.
Thu, 10/22/1987 UDR battalions deploy in wake of severe flooding.
Sun, 11/08/1987 Enniskillen Remembrance Sunday Bombing
Thu, 06/09/1988 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Troop the Colour.
Fri, 07/01/1988 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1988, England.
Mon, 08/01/1988 2 R IRISH move to Lemgo
Wed, 09/21/1988 1 R IRISH on Op BANNER
Fri, 09/23/1988 1 R IRISH mortared at Newtownbutler
Sat, 10/29/1988 1 R IRISH mortared at Rosslea
Wed, 11/02/1988 107 (Ulster) Brigade is formed
Thu, 12/01/1988 UDR 'Call Out' in wake of IRA Bomb attacks*
Sat, 12/03/1988 1 R IRISH under fire in Fermanagh and Tyrone
Russians pull out of Afghanistan ending the Soviet War in Afghanistan Wed, 02/15/1989
Fri, 04/21/1989 Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Irish Rangers.
Fri, 04/21/1989 Regimental Tercentenary
Thu, 06/01/1989 UDR issued with FRG
Sat, 09/23/1989 5 (V) R IRISH - Ex PLAIN SAILING.
Sat, 09/23/1989 4 (V) R IRISH - Ex PLAIN SAILING.
Thu, 11/09/1989 1 R IRISH patrol the Inner German Border.
Mon, 04/09/1990 IRA Landmine Attack on 3 UDR
Fri, 06/01/1990 Op BANNER Northern Ireland, 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers.
Mon, 06/18/1990 5 (V) R IRISH relocate Battalion Headquarters to Belfast.
Sun, 07/01/1990 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Warminster.
Wed, 08/01/1990 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1990, England.
Iraq invades Kuwait Thu, 08/02/1990
Fri, 08/24/1990 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1990, England.
Re-unification of Germany Wed, 10/03/1990
Wed, 10/24/1990 Ranger Cyril Smith is killed in Newry
Fri, 11/16/1990 Margaret Thatcher visits 2 R IRISH in Fermanagh
Sat, 01/12/1991 Ranger Band deploys on Op GRANBY, Iraq
Liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi invaders begins Thu, 01/17/1991
Sun, 02/03/1991 Part-Time UDR soldier awarded QGM.
Wars in the Balkans Fri, 03/01/1991
Start of civil war in Sierra Leone Sat, 03/23/1991
Fri, 05/31/1991 Lorry Bomb attack, Glennane.
Sat, 06/29/1991 HM The Queen presents Colours to the UDR
Thu, 08/01/1991 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp, 1991, England.
Fri, 08/16/1991 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1991, England.
Mon, 09/30/1991 2/11 UDR is formed
Sun, 11/24/1991 New Colours for 6 UDR.
Mon, 11/25/1991 4/6 UDR is formed.
End of the USSR Thu, 12/26/1991
Fri, 01/10/1992 Final UDR Call Out
Mon, 03/16/1992 Army Act 1992, legislation for The Royal Irish Regiment
Sat, 04/04/1992 Duke of York presents Colours to UDR Battalions
Sun, 05/31/1992 UDR Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving
Wed, 07/01/1992 Formation of The Royal Irish Regiment
Wed, 07/01/1992 The Royal Irish Rangers, 1 R IRISH and 2 R IRISH retitled
Wed, 07/01/1992 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers (The North Irish Militia) retitled.
Wed, 07/01/1992 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers retitled.
Wed, 07/01/1992 Depot The King's Division The Royal Irish Rangers retitled.
Tue, 07/14/1992 4 R IRISH Become the Regular Army Major Unit Shooting Champions
Wed, 07/22/1992 2 R IRISH deploy to Canada on Exercise MEDICINE MAN III
Wed, 07/29/1992 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment moves to Salamanca Barracks, Cyprus.
Sat, 08/01/1992 D (London Irish Company) joins The London Regiment.
Fri, 08/14/1992 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Final Annual Camp, 1992, England.
Fri, 10/09/1992 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Final Annual Camp 1992, Wales.
Tue, 10/20/1992 First Royal Irish Regiment soldier Murdered by Terrorism.
Sat, 11/14/1992 2 R IRISH deploy to Bosnia on Op GRAPPLE.
Sat, 11/14/1992 6 R IRISH and 8 R IRISH merge.
Fri, 01/15/1993 3 R IRISH merges with 6 R IRISH
Thu, 04/01/1993 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers joins the Army Order of Battle.
Sat, 04/17/1993 Freedom of Carrickfergus, The Royal Irish Regiment
Tue, 06/01/1993 2 R IRISH move to Cyprus.
Sat, 06/12/1993 4/5 RANGERS, First Annual Camp, Cyprus.
Thu, 07/01/1993 2 R IRISH Ceases to Exist
Tue, 09/21/1993 1 R IRISH reinforce 1 KORBR, Op BANNER
Fri, 09/24/1993 Final Trooping of The Colours, 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers.
Fri, 10/01/1993 Greenfinch Becomes First Woman to Complete Infantry Training
Sat, 04/30/1994 5R IRISH - Soldiers die in blaze
Fri, 06/24/1994 A Company 1 R IRISH to Falklands
Sun, 06/26/1994 4/5 RANGERS to Falkland Islands.
Mon, 08/01/1994 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1994, England.
Sat, 10/01/1994 Freedom of Ballymena
Wed, 05/17/1995 1 R IRISH move to Catterick, England.
Sat, 05/20/1995 Freedom of Castlereagh
Fri, 09/15/1995 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1995, Scotland.
Fri, 12/01/1995 1 R IRISH to Northern Ireland, Op BANNER
Dayton Accords end the Bosnian War Thu, 12/14/1995
Mon, 02/12/1996 1 R IRISH deploy at short notice on Op BANNER.
Wed, 05/01/1996 4/5 RANGERS, Op RESOLUTE
Sat, 06/29/1996 First Stand of Colours presented to 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment.
Sat, 07/06/1996 R IRISH (HS) deploy in support of the RUC.
Sun, 09/01/1996 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1996, Cyprus.
Taliban establishes the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Fri, 09/27/1996
Hong Kong returned to China Tue, 07/01/1997
Wed, 08/27/1997 4/5 RANGERS, Presentation of Colours.
Wed, 10/01/1997 4/5 RANGERS on Ops RESOLUTE, LODESTAR and PALATINE (Bosnia).
Wed, 12/10/1997 1 R IRISH deploys on Op BANNER.
Sat, 08/01/1998 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1998, England.
Sat, 08/15/1998 4 R IRISH deploys in response to the Omagh Bombing.
Sun, 11/01/1998 1 R IRISH personnel to Op ESSENTIAL HARVEST, Macedonia.
Thu, 05/06/1999 7th (City of Belfast) Battalion deploy on Exercise IRISH HARP to Stanford Training Area
Sat, 05/15/1999 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment deploys to Kosovo on Operation AGRICOLA.
Thu, 07/01/1999 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers retitled The Royal Irish Rangers
Wed, 09/01/1999 1 R IRISH, a founding unit of 16 Air Assault Brigade
Sat, 09/18/1999 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1999, Ukraine.
Mon, 11/01/1999 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment moved to Howe Barracks, Canterbury, Kent.
Sun, 02/13/2000 4 R IRISH Adventure Training, Vietnam.
Sat, 06/17/2000 Colours presented to two Home Service Battalions.
Sat, 09/09/2000 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2000, England.
Sun, 09/10/2000 OP BARRAS - Sierra Leone
Fri, 06/01/2001 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2001, England.
Fri, 06/15/2001 1 R IRISH deploys on Op BANNER
Sat, 06/16/2001 Colours presented to three Home Service Battalions
Tue, 08/21/2001 7 R IRISH to Ecuador
Al-Qaeda fly hijacked airliners into New York’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon Tue, 09/11/2001
Operation HERRICK, Afghanistan. Sun, 10/07/2001
Sat, 05/11/2002 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2002, Northern Ireland.
Wed, 11/13/2002 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment deployed as Firemen
Thu, 12/12/2002 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment stood to for operations in Iraq.
Tue, 01/21/2003 The Royal Irish Rangers, Op TELIC (Iraq)
Sat, 02/15/2003 1 R IRISH deploys to Kuwait.
Op IRAQI FREEDOM / Op TELIC Wed, 03/19/2003
Sat, 03/22/2003 1 R IRISH Battlegroup moves into Iraq.
Thu, 04/17/2003 1 R IRISH secure Al Amara, Southern Iraq.
Iraq Insurgency, 2003 - 2006 Fri, 05/02/2003
Sun, 06/01/2003 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2003, USA and England.
Mon, 09/15/2003 1 R IRISH moves to Fort George, Inverness, Scotland.
Wed, 12/31/2003 RANGERS in Civil Contingency Reaction Force.
Sun, 02/01/2004 A Company, 1 R IRISH on Op BANNER
Sun, 03/21/2004 D Company, 1 R IRISH on Op BANNER
Thu, 04/01/2004 The Royal Irish Rangers, OP TELIC 4 (Iraq)
Thu, 06/10/2004 1 R IRISH deploy on Op CRUCIBLE
Fri, 08/27/2004 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2004, Scotland.
Wed, 12/15/2004 R IRISH deploy on Op BANNER
Tue, 02/01/2005 RANGERS to Op TELIC 6 (Iraq)
7/11 suicide bombers kill 52 people and injure more than 700 in London Thu, 07/07/2005
Sun, 07/17/2005 1 R IRISH deploys to Iraq
IRA declares end of Operations, Northern Ireland Thu, 07/28/2005
Fri, 09/16/2005 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2005, England.
Thu, 11/10/2005 Battle Honour 'IRAQ 2003'
Iraq Civil War, 2006 - 2008 Wed, 02/22/2006
Sat, 04/01/2006 RANGERS support 1 R IRISH in air assault role.
Tue, 04/04/2006 1 R IRISH, Op HERRICK 4, Helmand, Afghanistan.
Sat, 07/15/2006 Barrosa and Somme Platoons, Musa Qala
Fri, 10/06/2006 The Conspicuous Gallantry Cross is awarded to The Royal Irish Regiment.
Wed, 11/01/2006 RANGERS on Op HERRICK 5, Afghanistan.
Wed, 11/08/2006 Shot at Dawn - The Pardon
Tue, 07/31/2007 RANGERS retitled.
End of Operation BANNER Tue, 07/31/2007
Tue, 08/14/2007 1 R IRISH move from Fort George, Inverness to Clive Barracks, Tern Hill, Shropshire.
Wed, 11/07/2007 2 R IRISH, Op HERRICK 8
Fri, 02/01/2008 St Patrick's Barracks closes.
Sun, 06/15/2008 2 R IRISH Annual Training Camp, Otterburn.
Tue, 06/24/2008 R IRISH battle the Taliban, Sapwan Qala.
Mon, 07/28/2008 Sergeant Mathews killed in action, Afghanistan.
Mon, 08/18/2008 Corporal Barry Dempsey is killed in action, Afghanistan.
Thu, 09/04/2008 Ranger Cupples is killed in action, Afghanistan.