1 RUR attack Chinese on Hill 187, Korea.

Sunday, 17 June, 1951
1 RUR, Korea.
1 RUR, Korea.

Having returned to the line of the River Imjin, from 5 June 1951 onwards, the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles began sending company sized patrols into enemy territory. United Nations battalions took turns at providing the cross-river patrols, and when not so engaged, they continued working and improving the defences of the Kansas Line. Gradually the enemy pulled back from the river and by 15 June were 8,000 yards away.

On 17 June 1951, 1 RUR, a Belgian battalion and a squadron of tanks crossed the river at 0700 hours to raid the enemy positions on Hill 187, which appeared to be the centre of the Chinese defences. By 1000 hours, Operation ROYAL HARP made contact; the allied units found the hill to be held in about battalion strength. Both battalions then called down accurate artillery, mortar and tank fire onto the enemy positions. The Brigade Commander ordered the force to withdraw at 1315 hours.

At that moment, a tank shed a track and, while a party repaired it, the infantry had to remain in position to cover the repair party, who finished their work at 1815 hours. By 2315 hours, 1 RUR were safely back within their own area again.