1 RUR moves to Kimpo, Korea.

Saturday, 28 April, 1951
Korea 1 RUR
Beer Duty in Korea, 1951 (Image ©)

After the 65th Chinese Army had exhausted itself attempting to smash through the defensive positions on the River Imjin held by the British 29 Brigade, the Brigade withdrew to a new line south of the River Han where, on 26 and 27 April, it rested and refitted for future operations.

The Brigade had sustained over one thousand casualties at Imjin and on 27 April, the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles received a draft of 2 officers and 90 other ranks. The Glosters at first were able to raise only one Company, even with reinforcements; however, the Rifles, Northumberland Fusiliers, and the Belgians reformed, redeploying to the Kimpo peninsula west of Seoul on 28 April.

The Battalion was the brigade reserve and was billeted in a factory. While detailed recces of the area were conducted there was time too for recreation in the form of sport including football and swimming. This was to be one of the most attractive areas occupied by the RUR during its time in Korea; it was spring and the factory, a pleasantly, laid-out place with green lawns and a football pitch, was surrounded by orchards in bloom.