1 RUR moves to River Han, Korea.

Wednesday, 9 May, 1951
1 RUR Bren carriers in Korea.
1 RUR Bren carriers in Korea. (Image ©)

On 9 May 1951, the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles moved from its reserve location in the chemical factory at Sosa-Ri on the Kimpo Peninsula to a forward position on the bank of the River Han and remained there for two weeks. One company occupied Hill 131, which afforded a good view of the surrounding area, while the remainder of the Battalion concentrated on the plain below.

In addition to the task of patrolling the river and guarding the crossing points, work commenced on a new defensive line across the peninsula a few miles further north. Each day, while the forward companies maintained observation over the river and patrolled in co-operation with the US Marines and their amphibians, working parties were out digging and wiring on the alternative line.