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Events Key:
Death of King James I. 27th March 1625
English Civil War (First Medal for Valour) 23rd September 1642
‘New Model Army’ established 6th January 1645
Death (by execution) of King Charles I 30th January 1649
Death of Oliver Cromwell 3rd September 1658
1st April 1684 Raising of Granard's Regiment - The Royal Irish Regiment
Restoration & Death of King Charles II. 6th February 1685
Nine Years’ War 27th September 1688
William lands in England 5th November 1688
Abdication (by forfeit) of King James II 11th December 1688
Williamite War in Ireland 12th March 1689
3rd June 1689 Inniskillings attack Jacobite Garrison, Omagh
20th June 1689 Formation of the Inniskilling Regiment of Foot.
31st July 1689 Battle of Newtownbutler
2nd September 1689 Inniskillings join Schomberg's Army
27th September 1689 Schomberg salutes the Inniskillings.
18th October 1689 Tiffin's and Lloyd's Inniskilling Regiments inspected at Dundalk.
The Irish Brigade of the French Army is formed 1st May 1690
James II defeated by William III, Ireland. 11th July 1690
30th June 1691 Inniskillings at the Capture of Athlone
22nd September 1691 Inniskillings assault Limerick
Flight of the Wild Geese 3rd October 1691
3rd October 1691 Tiffin's Inniskillings enter Limerick
5th January 1692 Inniskillings in the Tower of London.
20th August 1694 Tiffin's Inniskilling Regiment at the Siege of Namur
War of the Spanish Succession 7th September 1701
Death of King William III. 8th March 1702
29th August 1702 Death of Zachariah Tiffin, Colonel of Inniskillings
12th March 1703 Inniskillings attack French on Guadeloupe
7th May 1703 Inniskillings withdraw from Guadeloupe.
The Act of Union joins Scotland to England and Wales 1st May 1707
8th October 1709 Inniskillings land at Alicante, Spain.
Death of Queen Anne 1st August 1714
First Jacobite Rebellion 6th September 1715
17th March 1724 Molesworth appointed Colonel of Inniskillings.
Death of King George I 11th June 1727
War of Jenkins' Ear. 19th October 1739
War of the Austrian Succession 16th December 1740
Jacobite Rising 16th August 1745
17th January 1746 Battle of Falkirk Muir (Moor), King's Colour Saved.
21st January 1746 Inniskillings attempt to capture rebel brig, Alloa.
16th April 1746 Culloden
1st July 1751 Inniskillings ranked 27th Regiment
Adoption of Gregorian Calendar 1st January 1752
French and Indian War 16th April 1754
Seven Years' War 29th June 1756
Battle of Plessey, India. 2nd January 1757
5th May 1757 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment to North America
Death of King George II. 25th October 1760
20th September 1761 Death of Blakeney, Colonel of 27th Regiment of Foot.
16th January 1762 Battle Honour MARTINIQUE 1762
8th June 1762 27th Inniskillings, Capture of Havana, Cuba.
20th July 1762 Battle Honour HAVANNAH
31st July 1763 Stoppage of Pay
1st October 1771 Inniskillings form a Light Company
Boston Tea Party 16th December 1773
The American War of Independence 19th April 1775
26th September 1775 Inniskillings at Battle of Brooklyn, New York
13th December 1778 Battle Honour ST LUCIA 1778,1796
25th February 1788 Inniskillings counter bootleggers at Ennis, County Clare.
The French Revolution 27th June 1789
French Revolutionary Wars 20th April 1792
7th September 1793 Raising of the 87th Regiment, a legion of Irish Heroes
18th September 1793 Letter of Service to Major John Doyle (87th Regiment of Foot)
25th September 1793 Raising of The 88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers)
28th September 1793 Raising of the 83rd Regiment of Foot
29th October 1793 87th Foot re-titled 'Prince of Wales’ Irish Regiment'
30th October 1793 Raising of the 86th Regiment of Foot
31st October 1793 Raising of 'Irish Rangers', Trench's Regiment
3rd December 1793 Raising of the 89th Regiment of Foot.
26th June 1794 87th and 89th Regiment land at Ostend.
15th July 1794 The 87th Regiment's first action, Doyle wounded.
21st September 1794 Raising of the Cavan Militia
22nd February 1795 Inniskillings retreat through Holland to Hanover.
1st April 1796 Militia Regiments raised in Ireland
24th May 1796 Battle Honour ST LUCIA 1778,1796
22nd September 1796 86th Regiment land in Cape of Good Hope
14th October 1796 87th Regiment of Foot embark for the West Indies.
8th April 1797 87th Regiment of Foot, the West Indies, 1796-1804.
26th December 1797 New drafts reinforce Inniskillings in St Lucia
United Irishmen Rebellion ('98 Rising) 24th May 1798
8th September 1798 Armagh Militia capture French Colour at Battle of Ballinamuck
18th March 1799 Honours for Drum Major of 89th Regiment
10th May 1799 86th Regiment land at Madras, India.
Napoleon Bonaparte overthrows the French Directory and is chosen as Consul 9th November 1799
6th December 1799 89th Regiment of Foot to Malta
British Army issues Greatcoats 23rd April 1800
25th May 1800 27th Regiment gains 2nd Battalion.
1st October 1800 86th Regiment of Foot sent from India to Egypt to fight against the French*
The Act of Union creates The United Kingdom. 1st January 1801
10th May 1801 Both 27th Inniskilling Battalions land at Aboukir Bay, Egypt
28th January 1802 89th return to Ireland from Egypt.
Treaty of Amiens 25th March 1802
6th July 1802 Battle Honour 'EGYPT' (With The Sphinx)
12th January 1803 The 87th Regiment of Foot departs the West Indies for home.
Napoleonic Wars 18th May 1803
29th August 1803 86th Regiment - Storming of Baroach, India
10th February 1804 86th Regiment, Siege of Bhurtpore.
Napoleon Bonaparte crowned Emperor 2nd December 1804
27th September 1805 Young Inniskillings raised at Dunbar
21st October 1805 Inniskillings embark for Gravesend and Northern Germany
10th December 1805 1/89th Lost at Sea
8th January 1806 Battle Honour 'CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 1806'.
4th July 1806 Battle Honour 'MAIDA'.
3rd February 1807 Battle Honour MONTE VIDEO.
Abolition of Slave Trade 25th March 1807
5th July 1807 Failure to seize Buenos Aires.
17th August 1808 Battle Honour PENINSULA
10th July 1809 An' they're hangin' Johnny Dely in the evenin*
27th July 1809 Battle Honour 'TALAVERA'
29th July 1809 Granting the Battle Honour 'TALAVERA'
24th August 1809 86th Regiment styled 'Leinster Regiment of Foot'.
30th August 1809 2/83rd Regiment to Garrsion Duties, Lisbon.
19th September 1809 Lashed for Stealing Shoes, Spain.
8th July 1810 Battle Honour 'BOURBON'.
27th September 1810 Battle Honour 'BUSACO'.
14th October 1810 2/89th at Fuengirola, Spain.
4th March 1811 The day before the Battle of Barrosa
5th March 1811 Battle Honour BARROSA
6th March 1811 French Commanding Officer taken prisoner at Barrosa.
3rd May 1811 Battle Honour 'FUENTES D'ONOR'
10th May 1811 Siege of Badajoz; 3/27th (Inniskillings) introduction to the Peninsular War.
16th May 1811 Battle of Albuera
23rd May 1811 2/83rd Regiment rest in Portalegre, Peninsular War.
16th September 1811 Battle Honour 'JAVA'.
31st December 1811 Battle Honour 'TARIFA'.
20th January 1812 Battle Honour 'CIUDAD RODRIGO'
6th April 1812 Battle Honour 'BADAJOZ'
15th May 1812 27th (Inniskillings) after Badajoz.
18th May 1812 86th styled the Royal County Down Regiment.
Anglo-American War, 1812-1815 18th June 1812
22nd July 1812 Battle Honour 'SALAMANCA'
13th October 1812 Battle Honour 'NIAGARA'.
25th October 1812 2/87th Gallantry in Retreat to Salamanca
11th January 1813 'Appearing at the Halberds' - Flogging.
13th April 1813 Captain Waldron's Duel to the Death, Battle of Castalla.
21st May 1813 Battle Honour VITTORIA
28th July 1813 Battle Honour 'PYRENEES'
1st November 1813 2/87th march to Seville.
10th November 1813 Battle Honour 'NIVELLE'
11th November 1813 89th at the Battle of Crysler's Farm
19th December 1813 89th Regiment Cross the Niagara River, Canada.
'Napoleon is Dead' - Criminal Conspiracy! 21st February 1814
27th February 1814 Battle Honour ORTHES
10th April 1814 Battle Honour 'TOULOUSE'
Treaty of Fontainebleau exiles Napoleon to Elba 11th April 1814
4th June 1814 2/89th depart Canada for England
7th July 1814 2/87th return from the Napoleonic Wars
25th July 1814 89th Regiment at the Battle of Lundy's Lane, Canada
Napoleon escapes from Elba and returns to France 26th February 1815
Napoleon enters Paris, 'One Hundred Days' begins. 20th March 1815
16th June 1815 Inniskillings march from Ghent to Waterloo
18th June 1815 Battle Honour 'WATERLOO'.
18th June 1815 The 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot
19th June 1815 Casualties at Waterloo
Napoleon surrenders to Royal Navy 15th July 1815
Napoleon Bonaparte exiled to St Helena. 15th October 1815
25th January 1816 Lt Shipp commends the Irish soldier.
27th January 1816 3rd Inniskillings Disbanded.
9th February 1816 1/87th advance into Nepal.
20th February 1817 The Siege of Hattrass
24th April 1817 Disbanding of 2/83rd Regiment of Foot
10th January 1818 Inniskillings arrive in Gibraltar.
11th February 1819 89th Regiment in India.
23rd October 1819 Battle Honour 'INDIA'
Death of King George III 29th January 1820
Death of Napoleon Bonaparte 5th May 1821
First Ashanti War 22nd January 1824
24th February 1824 Battle Honour 'AVA'
7th March 1825 Battle of Donobyu - First Anglo-Burmese War
2nd April 1825 89th Regiment at capture of Donobyu, Anglo-Burmese War
3rd January 1826 87th Foot and 89th Foot secure victory in Patanago
8th March 1826 Disease decimates 87th & 89th, Burma.
17th November 1827 The 87th Regiment retitled a Royal Regiment
Death of King George IV. 26th June 1830
23rd November 1830 Inniskillings depart West Indies for Home.
14th January 1831 The 87th Regiment of Foot in Mauritius.
3rd August 1833 Princess Victoria presents new Colours to the 89th
Slavery is abolished throughout the British Empire 28th August 1833
8th August 1834 Death of Sir John Doyle
18th August 1834 27th Inniskillings arrive at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
15th January 1837 Major General Sir Hugh Gough visits the 87th, Mauritius.
24th May 1837 New Colours for the Inniskillings
15th June 1837 Yellow Fever and Mutiny in the West Indies
Death of King William IV. 20th June 1837
14th December 1837 83rd Regiment's actions in Lower Canada
25th February 1838 83rd Regiment at Fighting Island, Canada.
3rd March 1838 Rebels and 'Patriots' flee Pelee Island, Canada.
The Opium War, fought by the British against the Chinese 27th March 1839
15th August 1842 87th and Chartist riots in Leeds
2nd February 1846 87th Regiment quell potato riots in Inverness.
18th April 1848 Inniskillings return from South Africa
The Taiping Rebellion in China 25th December 1850
18th November 1852 Inniskillings attend The Duke of Wellington's funeral
18th November 1853 Raising of the 3rd Madras (European) Regiment
Crimean War - Britain declares war on Russia. 28th March 1854
20th September 1854 Inniskillings perish as the Charlotte founders.
Charge of the Light Brigade 25th October 1854
17th December 1854 89th Regiment land at Balaclava, Irish in the Crimean War.
16th October 1855 Battle Honour, 'SEVASTOPOL'
Crimean War, Hostilities Cease. 29th February 1856
The Indian (Sepoy) Mutiny. 10th May 1857
3rd June 1857 27th & 87th volunteer for Peshawur Light Horse
19th August 1857 83rd Regiment defend Mount Abu, the Indian Mutiny
17th March 1858 Indian Mutiny - The Siege of Chanderi
3rd April 1858 Storming of Jhansi, the Indian Mutiny.
19th April 1858 Capture of Banda, the Indian Mutiny.
19th June 1858 Battle Honour 'CENTRAL INDIA'
29th March 1859 Last action of the Indian Mutiny, 3rd Madras Regiment.
5th December 1859 London Irish Rifles is formed
18th March 1860 Sailing from India to Hong Kong, daily life at sea.
22nd April 1860 87th Foot arrive in Hong Kong
10th April 1861 Raising of 108th Regiment of Foot (Madras Infantry)
American Civil War 12th April 1861
21st July 1865 Riots in Rotherham.
8th August 1865 89th Return from India
5th April 1866 Queen Victoria presents Colours to 89th Regiment
13th February 1867 Last Colours for the 86th Regiment
The Suez Canal is opened 17th November 1869
23rd March 1870 83rd Regiment to India
The Franco – Prussian War 19th July 1870
30th December 1870 89th Princess Victoria's to India
Anglo-Zulu War 11th January 1879
First Anglo-Boer War 20th December 1880
16th February 1881 Aid to the Civil Power, 108th Regiment to Preston.
Anglo-Sudan War 7th June 1881
1st July 1881 27th Regiment and 108th Regiment (Madras Infantry) amalgamate.
1st July 1881 87th and 89th Regiment of Foot retitled.
1st July 1881 Royal Dublin Fusiliers created.
1st July 1881 The Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment is created
1st July 1881 Royal Munster Fusiliers created
1st September 1882 Battle Honour, SOUTH AFRICA 1835,'46-47
13th September 1882 Battle Honour 'TEL-EL-KEBIR'
29th March 1884 Battle Honours 'EGYPT 1882,1884'
The Berlin Conference 15th November 1884
20th December 1888 Royal Irish Rifles Mounted Infantry, Battle of Suakin, Sudan.
First Matabele War 25th October 1893
12th August 1894 Inniskillings move to Kinsale, Ireland.
Second Matabele War 20th March 1896
23rd July 1896 Royal Irish Rifles to Matabeleland Rebellion
13th January 1897 Inniskillings to Enniskillen.
9th March 1897 Royal Irish Rifles volunteer to fight bubonic plague, India.
22nd September 1897 2nd Inniskillings join Peshawar Brigade for Tirah Expedition
9th October 1899 Royal Irish Rifles mobilise for South Africa
11th October 1899 Boers declare war on the British.
Second Anglo-Boer War 11th October 1899
12th October 1899 Faughs to the Boer War
13th October 1899 Siege of Mafeking
20th October 1899 Assault on Talana Hill, South Africa
30th October 1899 'Faugh-a-Ballaghs, fix your bayonets and die like men'.
13th November 1899 Royal Irish Rifles arrive in South Africa, Boer War
30th November 1899 Inniskillings to the Boer War, South Africa.
10th December 1899 Battle of Stormberg
11th December 1899 Royal Irish Rifles absolved after defeat at Stormberg.
15th December 1899 Battle of Colenso, South Africa.
22nd December 1899 Christmas, the Boer War.
29th January 1900 Under siege at Ladysmith.
23rd February 1900 Inniskilling Hill, Northern Natal.
28th February 1900 Battle Honour RELIEF OF LADYSMITH
3rd March 1900 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers enter Ladysmith.
14th March 1900 Inniskillings, Connaughts and Dubs recognised for utmost gallantry in South Africa
16th March 1900 Reorganisation and reconstitution in Ladysmith after the siege
17th March 1900 Saint Patrick’s Day and the Sprig of Shamrock
4th April 1900 Royal Irish Rifles losses at Reddersberg, South Africa.
US Navy Submarine Day 11th April 1900
16th May 1900 2nd Faughs take Christiana, Transvaal - Boer War.
The Boxer Rebellion in China 30th May 1900
1st August 1900 Boers' Prisoners of War liberated.
6th August 1900 Inniskillings return to the field force, South Africa.
21st August 1900 Inniskillings at the Battle of Belfast, South Africa.
7th January 1901 Faughs beat off Boers at 'Rocky Hill'.
Death of Queen Victoria. 22nd January 1901
28th April 1901 Royal Irish Rifles Militia volunteer for Boer War
17th September 1901 Fighting at Blood River Poort, South Africa.
21st January 1902 2nd Inniskillings depart India for South Africa
12th February 1902 Hail injures Horses, South Africa.
15th May 1902 Inniskillings to Vereeniging.
31st May 1902 Battle Honour 'SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1902'
17th January 1903 1st Inniskillings depart South Africa.
24th October 1903 2nd Inniskillings depart South Africa for Egypt
Signing of the Entente Cordiale 8th April 1904
14th July 1904 1 RIR detachment to the Tibet War.
12th February 1907 1st Inniskillings from Crete to Malta
18th May 1909 HM King Edward VII visits 1st Faughs, Aldershot.
30th September 1909 1st Inniskillings depart Malta for China
Death of King Edward VII 6th May 1910
South Africa gains independence from Britain 31st May 1910
17th August 1911 2nd Inniskillings stoned by strikers
27th October 1911 Inniskillings recalled urgently to Tientsin
RMS Titanic strikes iceberg, sinking two and a half hours later on 15 April 14th April 1912
4th November 1912 1st Inniskillings move from China to India.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated 28th June 1914
Austro-Hungarian Empire Declares War on Serbia 28th July 1914
Germany Declares War on Russia 1st August 1914
Germany Declares War on France 3rd August 1914
Britain Declares War on Germany 4th August 1914
4th August 1914 War!
Map of the Western Front 04-22 August 1914 4th August 1914
Austro-Hungarian Empire Declares War on Russia. 6th August 1914
First British and Empire Shot of The Great War Fired 7th August 1914
Britain and France Declare War on Austria-Hungary 12th August 1914
14th August 1914 2 RIR land in France
21st August 1914 10th (Irish) Division is raised.
22nd August 1914 Inniskillings and Faughs land in France
First shot fired by the BEF, Belgium. 22nd August 1914
Japan Declares War on Germany 23rd August 1914
23rd August 1914 Battle Honour 'MONS'
Retreat from Mons 23rd August 1914
Battle of Mons 23rd August 1914
25th August 1914 2 RIR, Retreat From Mons.
26th August 1914 Battle Honour 'LE CATEAU'.
Battle of Le Cateau 26th August 1914
28th August 1914 Faughs after Le Cateau
5th September 1914 Rifles retreat to Crécy
6th September 1914 Faughs in counterattack at the Marne
Advance to the Aisne 6th September 1914
Battle of the Marne 7th September 1914
8th September 1914 7th Battalion The Royal Irish Rifles form up in Belfast
11th September 1914 Rain Soaked Misery on the River Marne
11th September 1914 1st Faughs advance to La Loge Farm
11th September 1914 16th (Irish) Division is raised
Battle of the Aisne 12th September 1914
12th September 1914 Battle Honour MARNE 1914
14th September 1914 2 RIR Advance to the River Aisne
1st October 1914 Faughs into the trenches.
Defence of Antwerp 4th October 1914
First Battle of Ypres, Flanders 10th October 1914
17th October 1914 Faughs at Armentières
18th October 1914 Lucky escape at Armentières
28th October 1914 The Naming of the 36th (Ulster) Division.
29th October 1914 Rifles mauled at La Bassée
Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). 1st November 1914
Britain and France declare War on the Ottoman Empire 5th November 1914
18th November 1914 1st Faughs into the trenches at Messines Ridge
26th November 1914 Letter from the Trenches
27th November 1914 Brigade Commander inspects 7th Inniskillings
7th December 1914 1st Inniskillings depart India, 1914
16th December 1914 The Trenches, December 1914.
Egypt made British protectorate 18th December 1914
25th December 1914 Christmas Truce, The Royal Irish Rifles.
6th January 1915 From India to St. Eloi on the Western Front.
26th January 1915 Letter Home from Billets
6th February 1915 Jam Tins for Germans.
Allies attack Gallipoli 19th February 1915
Battle of Neuve Chapelle 10th March 1915
10th March 1915 Battle Honour NEUVE CHAPELLE
14th March 1915 Faughs overrun by Germans at St Eloi
9th April 1915 1st Inniskillings embark for Lemnos and Gallipoli.
12th April 1915 Private Robert Morrow VC
Battle of Gravenstafel, Ypres. 22nd April 1915
Battle of St Julien, Ypres. 24th April 1915
25th April 1915 Inniskillings land at Gallipoli
Sinking of the Lusitania 7th May 1915
Battle of Frezenberg, Ypres. 8th May 1915
Battle of Aubers, Ypres. 9th May 1915
Battle of Festubert, Ypres. 15th May 1915
Battle of Bellewaarde, Ypres. 24th May 1915
1st July 1915 5 and 6 Faughs sail for Gallipoli.
2nd July 1915 Battle of Gully Ravine, Gallipoli
6th August 1915 Inniskillings deceive Turks
7th August 1915 10th (Irish) Division, Chocolate Hill, Gallipoli.
8th August 1915 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers go into trenches near Mailly-Maillet on the Somme for the first time.
10th August 1915 Rifles withdraw from Chunuk Bair, Gallipoli.
15th August 1915 Kidney Hill, Gallipoli.
16th August 1915 6 RIR move back to Anzac Cove, Gallipoli.
17th August 1915 Water shortages, Gallipoli.
21st August 1915 Battle of Scimitar Hill, Suvla.
2nd September 1915 1st Garrison Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers formed in Dublin
Battle of Flers - Courcelette, The Somme. 15th September 1915
25th September 1915 Battle Honour LOOS
Battle of Loos, Ypres. 25th September 1915
3rd October 1915 36th (Ulster) Division lands in France.
4th October 1915 9th Faughs land at Boulogne, France.
5th October 1915 Gallipoli to Salonika, 10th (Irish) Division
Nurse Edith Cavell shot by German firing squad 12th October 1915
31st October 1915 5th and 6th Faughs to Salonika
6th November 1915 Dardanelles Football Cup
13th November 1915 6 RIR into the Line, Macedonia
24th November 1915 Mine and counter-mine operations, Gallipoli.
6th December 1915 Bulgarians attack 10th (Irish) Division, the Balkans.
7th December 1915 Bulgarians drive Faughs* off 'Rocky Peak', the Balkans.
8th December 1915 10th (Irish) Division withdraw from Serbia
11th December 1915 2nd Faughs into the Bird Cage - Salonika
20th December 1915 Jersey Militia arrive in France.
9th January 1916 Battle Honour 'GALLIPOLI 1915-16'
19th January 1916 Trench Raid at Le Touquet.
1st February 1916 7 & 8 Faughs ordered to France.
2nd February 1916 1st Garrison Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers transferred to India
Battle of Verdun begins 21st February 1916
29th February 1916 Leap Year Day in the Trenches
18th March 1916 1st Inniskillings land in France
27th March 1916 7th Inniskillings Move Back to the Line
1st April 1916 2nd Garrison Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers formed at Dublin
3rd April 1916 7th and the 8th Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers move into trenches, Hulluch, France.
21st April 1916 Private Bailey at the Old Bailey; the Charge - High Treason.
State of War declared to exist in Dublin by Irish Command order HQ No 64231 24th April 1916
27th April 1916 The Easter Rising, Dublin.
27th April 1916 16th (Irish) Division Gassed, Battle of Hulluch,
Irish Command declares State of War no longer exists in Dublin 8th May 1916
Battle of Jutland 31st May 1916
Russia Attacks - Brusilov Offensive 4th June 1916
Arab revolt against Turks 5th June 1916
9th June 1916 Rifles at capture of Jenikoj
23rd June 1916 2/18th London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) first casualty
Artillery begins the Somme Offensive 24th June 1916
27th June 1916 Marching back to the Somme
1st July 1916 Battle Honour 'SOMME 1916,’18'.
Battle of Albert, The Somme. 1st July 1916
12th July 1916 2/18th London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) first casualty
Battle of Bazentin, The Somme. 14th July 1916
16th July 1916 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rifles, Battle of Bazentin Ridge.
24th August 1916 Faughs' 2nd Garrison Battalion to Salonika
Italy declares war on Germany 27th August 1916
Battle of Guillemont, The Somme. 3rd September 1916
9th September 1916 16th (Irish) Division, Battle of Ginchy.
Battle of Ginchy, The Somme. 9th September 1916
15th September 1916 London Irish attack at High Wood
Battle of Morval, The Somme. 25th September 1916
Battle of Thiepval, The Somme. 26th September 1916
Battle of Le Transloy, The Somme. 1st October 1916
Battle of the Ancre Heights, The Somme. 1st October 1916
12th October 1916 Faughs attack Germans near Lesboeufs, the Somme.
8th November 1916 Royal Irish Rifles at Ypres
Battle of the Ancre, The Somme. 13th November 1916
Field Marshal Haig declares Battle of the Somme is over. 19th November 1916
Operations on the Ancre - Advance to the Hindenburg Line. 11th January 1917
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare 1st February 1917
The start of the Russian Revolution 8th March 1917
German Retreat to the Hindenburg Line 14th March 1917
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia Abdicates. 15th March 1917
United States of America Declares War on Germany 6th April 1917
9th April 1917 Battle Honour ARRAS 1917
Battle of Vimy, Arras Offensive 9th April 1917
First Battle of the Scarpe, Arras Offensive. 9th April 1917
11th April 1917 Heavy casualties as 1st Faughs try to capture Roeux Chemical Works, Arras
Second Battle of the Scarpe, Arras Offensive. 23rd April 1917
Battle of Arleux, Arras Offensive. 28th April 1917
1st May 1917 1st Garrison Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers transferred to Burma
Third Battle of the Scarpe, Arras Offensive. 3rd May 1917
Battle of Bullecourt, Arras Offensive (Flanking). 3rd May 1917
4th May 1917 Failure at Arras.
5th May 1917 6 RIR attack Kjupri, Salonika.
11th May 1917 Faughs attack again at Arras
14th May 1917 Inniskillings attack Hook Trench, Arras.
5th June 1917 Preparations for the Battle of Messines
7th June 1917 Battle Honour MESSINES 1914,'17,'18
Battle of Messines, Flanders Offensive. 7th June 1917
26th June 1917 Winners at a Horse Show, Belgium, 1917.
30th July 1917 Battle of Pilckem Ridge (Passchendaele) - 1 RIR's Approach March.
Battle of Pilckem, Ypres. 31st July 1917
Passchendaele Campaign 31st July 1917
31st July 1917 Battle Honour YPRES 1914,'15,'17,'18
2nd August 1917 Ireland's Divisions Prepare for Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)
Battle of Hill 70, Arras Offensive (Flanking) 15th August 1917
16th August 1917 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) Divisions attack together, Battle of Passchendaele.
Battle of Langemarck, Ypres. 16th August 1917
18th August 1917 Battle Honour MACEDONIA 1915-17
Battle of the Menin Road, Ypres. 20th September 1917
Battle of Polygon Wood, Ypres. 26th September 1917
Battle of Broodenseinde, Ypres. 4th October 1917
Battle of Poelcappelle, Ypres. 9th October 1917
First battle of Passchendaele, Ypres. 12th October 1917
16th October 1917 10th (Irish) Division assembles, Egypt
Second Battle of Passchendaele, Ypres. 26th October 1917
3rd November 1917 Faughs raid the Hindenburg Line
7th November 1917 Battle Honour GAZA
14th November 1917 2 RIR transfers to 36th (Ulster) Division
20th November 1917 Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,'18
Battle of Cambrai 20th November 1917
21st November 1917 Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,'18 - the Second Day.
22nd November 1917 Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,18 - the Third Day.
23rd November 1917 Battle Honour CAMBRAI 1917,'18 - the Fourth Day.
26th November 1917 7th/8th Faughs return to the line at Cambrai
United States declares war on Austria-Hungary 7th December 1917
General Allenby enters Jerusalem 9th December 1917
12th December 1917 Battle Honour JERUSALEM.
24th December 1917 The Road to Nablus, Christmas Eve 1917.
29th December 1917 Fighting Faughs build another road, Palestine.
19th January 1918 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) Division into trenches, St Quentin.
10th February 1918 7/8th Faughs disbanded.
Russia signs Peace Treaty 3rd March 1918
'Spanish' Flu pandemic. 11th March 1918
13th March 1918 10th (Irish) Division attack the Turks, Palestine.
20th March 1918 Action at Tell 'Asur, Judean Hills, Palestine.
21st March 1918 Battle Honour ST QUENTIN - German Spring Offensive 1918.
German Spring Offensive (Kaiserschlacht) 21st March 1918
Op MICHAEL 21st March 1918
25th March 1918 16th (Irish) Division transfer to XIX Corps
26th March 1918 36th (Ulster) Division turns to block German Spring Offensive
28th March 1918 Depleted 36th (Ulster) Division awaits French Army
30th March 1918 36th (Ulster) Division withdrawn from the Front.
German Lys Offensive 9th April 1918
Third Battle of the Aisne, German Blücher-Yorck Offensive. 27th May 1918
Op GNEISENAU 9th June 1918
14th June 1918 16th (Irish) Division move to England
Battles of the Marne 20th July 1918
Advance in Picardy 8th August 1918
Advance in Flanders 18th August 1918
24th August 1918 First Ever Ammo Resupply by RAF Aircraft
Breaking of the Hindenburg Line 26th August 1918
3rd September 1918 9th Faughs advance against the Germans at Bailleul
4th September 1918 Faugh Battalions suffer casualties at Bailleul
Fourth (UK) Army breach Hindenburg Line 26th September 1918
Final Advance - Flanders 28th September 1918
29th September 1918 Royal Irish Rifles assault Hill 41, Ypres
Bulgarian Armistice signed 29th September 1918
30th September 1918 1st and 9th Battalions The Royal Irish Fusiliers begin the assault to capture the German positions at Mansard, Goldflake and Twig Farms near Dadizeele, Belgium
30th September 1918 2nd Garrison Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers transferred to Macedonia
Final Advance - Artois 2nd October 1918
2nd October 1918 Battle Honour YPRES 1914,'15,'17,'18
3rd October 1918 6 Inniskillings, Beaurevoir
Pursuit to the Selle 9th October 1918
16th October 1918 9th Faughs assault across the River Lys
Final Advance - Picardy 17th October 1918
19th October 1918 36th (Ulster) Division crosses the River Lys.
22nd October 1918 Royal Irish Rifles' final engagement of the First World War
Turkey signs Armistice 30th October 1918
31st October 1918 War's end in Palestine.
Austria-Hungary Armistice signed 3rd November 1918
Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates. [Video] 9th November 1918
First World War comes to an end 11th November 1918
11th November 1918 Royal Irish Rifles at War's end
11th November 1918 Royal Irish Fusiliers at War's end - 'FINIS'*
11th November 1918 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at War's end.
11th November 1918 War's End
11th November 1918 London Irish Rifles at War's end.
The Treaty of Versailles 28th June 1919
10th October 1919 1st Faughs depart for Kasvin
30th November 1919 Michael Patrick Faugh demobilised in Cairo
30th December 1919 The Royal Irish Fusiliers is reduced to two battalions.
League of Nations established 10th January 1920
17th July 1920 Relief of Rumaitha, Mesopotamia.
1st September 1920 Faughs ambushed at Fasilah, Mesopotamia [Iraq].
10th November 1920 The Return of the Unknown Warrior
1st January 1921 RIR RIP RUR.
7th May 1921 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers leave Iraq for Egypt
22nd June 1921 Royal Irish Rifles mount Honour Guard for The King.
Anglo-Irish Treaty signed 6th December 1921
Egypt becomes independent from Britain 22nd February 1922
31st March 1922 1st Faughs depart Egypt.
31st March 1922 Order to disband the Faughs cancelled.
5th April 1922 Faughs to be disbanded?
12th June 1922 Disbandment of the Irish Regiments
Irish Civil War 28th June 1922
19th July 1922 Conference to save The Royal Irish Fusiliers
British Mandate, Palestine. 24th July 1922
Irish Free State established. 6th December 1922
5th February 1924 Faughs arrive in Egypt.
28th March 1924 Skins and Faughs form a Corps.
4th May 1924 Inniskillings in Iraq
8th February 1925 A Charwallah for the Faughs.
11th February 1926 Faughs move to Cairo.
18th October 1927 Faughs move, Egypt to India.
The Great Depression starts; it lasts into the start of World War 2 17th June 1930
Japanese invasion of Manchuria 19th September 1931
16th November 1932 Inniskillings Guard of Honour at the Opening of Stormont
1st December 1933 1st Faughs arrive in the Sudan
5th November 1934 Faughs return from Cyprus and Sudan
Death of King George V. 20th January 1936
Germany enters Rhineland 7th March 1936
Spanish Civil War 17th July 1936
12th September 1936 Faughs embark for Haifa to quell Arab violence
Abdication of King Edward VIII. 11th December 1936
14th April 1937 Faughs reconstituted with 1st and 2nd Battalions.
Second Sino-Japanese War 7th July 1937
29th October 1937 Riflemen killed by Japanese, Shanghai.
1st November 1937 Presentation of Colours to The Royal Irish Fusiliers.
25th November 1937 Goatherds with Guns.
4th January 1938 2 Faughs embark for Malta.
10th March 1938 2 RUR under enemy fire, Palestine.
12th July 1938 2 RUR on the Syrian Frontier
25th August 1938 King's Colour presented to 1st Inniskillings
Munich Agreement signed 29th September 1938
11th October 1938 2 Faughs to Palestine
15th October 1938 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers to Palestine
5th November 1938 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers moves to Guernsey
9th January 1939 1 RUR on the North West Frontier.
1st June 1939 Colours presented to Inniskilling Battalions
14th August 1939 1st Faughs to Tidworth
Montgomery to 3rd (Iron) Division 28th August 1939
Germany invades Poland 1st September 1939
Britain declares war on Germany 3rd September 1939
13th September 1939 1st Faughs prepare for France
16th September 1939 Inniskillings land at Cherbourg, France.
Soviet Union invades Poland 17th September 1939
20th September 1939 George VI and Queen Elizabeth visit 1st Faughs
17th October 1939 'Who will carry the Boys Rifles?'
Germany invades France and the Low Countries 10th May 1940
12th May 1940 Battle Honour DYLE
17th May 1940 Inniskillings; first contact with the Germans
17th May 1940 Exhausted 2 RUR withdraws through Brussels
18th May 1940 Faughs; first contact with the Germans
18th May 1940 Faughs withdraw to Escault
19th May 1940 Medical Officer uses jackknife to amputate a hand.
20th May 1940 Faughs withdraw from the River Dendre
22nd May 1940 2 RUR withdraws from Bossuyt to Turcoing
23rd May 1940 Battle Honour ST. OMER-LA-BASSEE
26th May 1940 Inniskillings fighting at Ypres-Comines Canal
26th May 1940 MM and Reprimand awarded.
27th May 1940 Operation DYNAMO, Evacuation from Dunkirk
28th May 1940 Faughs fall back to Watou.
Belgium Surrenders 28th May 1940
29th May 1940 Move to Dunkirk's Beaches
30th May 1940 1st Faughs escape Dunkirk.
1st June 1940 Battle Honour DUNKIRK 1940
4th June 1940 1 RUR departs India
Mussolini's Italy declares war on Britain and France 10th June 1940
11th June 1940 Battle Honour MALTA 1940
France surrenders to Germany 22nd June 1940
Battle of Britain begins 26th June 1940
Tripartite Pact; Germany/Italy/Japan. 27th September 1940
11th April 1941 Faughs down a Stuka?
Germans capture Crete 20th May 1941
Germany invades Soviet Union 22nd June 1941
Japan attacks USA at Pearl Harbour. 7th December 1941
Japanese invade Malaya 8th December 1941
Germany declares war on USA 11th December 1941
1st January 1942 How 8 RUR became a Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment.
13th January 1942 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade is titled.
Singapore surrenders to Japanese 15th February 1942
18th April 1942 Battle Honour 'YENANGYAUNG 1942'.
The Battle of Stalingrad 23rd August 1942
27th August 1942 1 LIR depart UK for Middle East
Battle of Alamein 23rd October 1942
Allies invade North Africa - Operation TORCH 8th November 1942
10th November 1942 2 LIR depart for North Africa
21st December 1942 38 (Irish) Brigade assembles in North Africa.
28th December 1942 Faughs capture their first POWs, North Africa.
1st January 1943 Inniskillings attack Thayetpin village, Burma.
8th January 1943 Inniskilling attack Japanese at Donbaik, Burma.
18th January 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade beat off German attack, Tunisia.
22nd January 1943 Sergeant McAleer's Revenge - 29 for 1 - Tunisia
23rd January 1943 Reflecting on the Faughs, North Africa.
18th February 1943 Inniskillings attack Donbaik, Burma.
26th February 1943 Battle Honour BOU ARADA
1st March 1943 Faughs ambush Germans, Tunisia.
15th March 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade join 78th (Battleaxe) Infantry Division
1st April 1943 1 LIR departs Iraq for Palestine
7th April 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade captures Jebel al Mahdi, Tunisia.
15th April 1943 Night Attack along Djebel el Ang,Tunisia.
22nd April 1943 Battle Honour DJEBEL TANNGOUCHA
6th May 1943 Battle Honour NORTH AFRICA 1942-43
Surrender of Axis Forces in North Africa 13th May 1943
11th June 1943 2nd Faughs depart Malta
Kursk Offensive, Operation CITADEL 5th July 1943
Allies invade Sicily 9th July 1943
11th July 1943 8 RUR - Mistaken in Malta
19th July 1943 2 INNISKS capture 'LEMON', Sicily
26th July 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade into Sicily.
3rd August 1943 Battle Honour 'CENTURIPE'.
5th August 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade cross River Simeto, Sicily.
11th August 1943 Irish Brigade attack Maletto and advance to Randazzo, Sicily.
Italian surrender announced. 3rd September 1943
Allied invasion of Italy - Operations BAYTOWN, AVALANCHE and SLAPSTICK. 3rd September 1943
22nd September 1943 Inniskillings reach Salerno
24th September 1943 London Irish - 'Summer Holiday' in Italy
25th September 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade land at Taranto
29th September 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade move to Barletta.
78th Battleaxe Division advance to Volturno Line 3rd October 1943
5th October 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade land at Termoli
6th October 1943 6th Inniskillings attack 16 Panzer Division at Termoli
26th October 1943 2nd INNISKILLINGS attack Isernia, Italy.
4th November 1943 Night (graffiti) patrol, Isernia
12th November 1943 The Battle For Leros
15th November 1943 2 INNISKILLINGS share POWs with Americans
16th November 1943 Leros is seized by the Germans
19th November 1943 1st Faughs recce the German's Winter Line at Torino
28th November 1943 The Sangro Line, Italy.
29th November 1943 6th Inniskillings attack Licolle at Sangro
30th November 1943 Battle Honour SANGRO
1st December 1943 Irish Brigade advances along east coast of Italy
2nd December 1943 38 (Irish) Brigade battle Germans in San Vito, Italy.
30th December 1943 2 INNISKILLINGS Patrol Against Germans in the Apennines.
First Battle for Cassino, Italy. 12th January 1944
18th January 1944 Battle Honour GARIGLIANO CROSSING
19th January 1944 Battle Honour MINTURNO
20th January 1944 London Irish Rifles at Garigliano Crossing.
Op SHINGLE - Battle of Anzio 22nd January 1944
2nd February 1944 Inniskillings Rest and Recuperation in Italy.
4th February 1944 London Irish Rifles into Anzio.
7th February 1944 Germans attack at Anzio.
15th February 1944 1 LIR rest at Anzio.
Second Battle for Cassino, Italy. 15th February 1944
17th February 1944 2nd Inniskillings on Monte Damiano, Italy.
21st February 1944 London Irish Rifles return to the front at Anzio.
11th March 1944 Battle Honour 'ANZIO'
Third Battle for Cassino 15th March 1944
Operation STRANGLE - Italy 19th March 1944
24th March 1944 Victory Rolls at Anzio, Italy.
6th April 1944 Faughs' Padre awarded MC.
Operation DIADEM - Fourth Battle for Cassino 11th May 1944
16th May 1944 Irish Brigade attack the Gustav Line, Italy
17th May 1944 6th Inniskillings attack Piumarola, Italy.
6th June 1944 Battle Honour 'NORMANDY LANDING'.
Operation OVERLORD - Allied invasion of Normandy, France. 6th June 1944
9th June 1944 2 RUR Capture Cambes, Normandy.
12th June 1944 Irish Brigade's Papal Audience
14th June 1944 38 (Irish) Brigade advance north of Rome, Italy.
21st June 1944 Battle for San Fatucchio, 38 (Irish) Brigade, Italy.
25th June 1944 Faugh CO captured, Italy.
Brazil enters the Second World War 2nd July 1944
Soviet forces enter Poland 4th July 1944
9th July 1944 Battle Honour CAEN
9th July 1944 6th Inniskillings Disbanded.
18th July 1944 TROARN - 2 RUR
24th July 1944 38 (Irish) Brigade relieved in Italy
13th August 1944 Commander 38 (Irish) Brigade frowns on Cairo Rioters.
Allies invade Southern France 15th August 1944
Liberation of Paris 24th August 1944
Advance from the Seine to Antwerp 26th August 1944
Op MARKET GARDEN 17th September 1944
19th September 1944 2 RUR Assault Crossing of Meuese-Escaut Canal
14th November 1944 Medals for 2 RUR.
Battle of the Bulge 16th December 1944
31st January 1945 RUR recce across the River Meuse.
5th February 1945 RUR patrol captures prisoners.
15th March 1945 Irish Brigade fighting on the Senio River
21st March 1945 2 RUR Watch on the Rhine
Operation PLUNDER, crossing the Rhine. 23rd March 1945
24th March 1945 Battle Honour 'RHINE'
Operation VARSITY 24th March 1945
13th April 1945 2 RUR Patrol Actions - Harpstedt
Bergen-Belsen Liberation 15th April 1945
17th April 1945 Battle Honour 'ARGENTA GAP'.
19th April 1945 2 RUR attack Moordeich (nr Bremen)
24th April 1945 2 RUR Cross Ochtum Floods, Battle Honour BREMEN
US and Soviet troops meet at Torgau, south of Berlin 25th April 1945
26th April 1945 Battle Honour 'ITALY 1943-45'
Death of Mussolini 28th April 1945
Hitler commits suicide 30th April 1945
2nd May 1945 Axis troops surrender on the Italian front.
Germans surrender to Montgomery, NW Germany. 4th May 1945
Unconditional surrender of Germany. 7th May 1945
Germany surrenders to the Soviets 8th May 1945
8th May 1945 Victory in Europe - VE Day.
Victory in Europe, VE Day 8th May 1945
10th May 1945 At war's end, 1st Faughs in Klagenfurt, Austria.
26th May 1945 Liberating the Mess Silver
The first atomic bomb (Little Boy) is dropped on Hiroshima 6th August 1945
Russia declares war on Japan. 8th August 1945
The second atomic bomb (Fat Man) is dropped on Nagasaki 9th August 1945
Victory over Japan Day 15th August 1945
Korea is divided 15th August 1945
Japanese sign Surrender Documents 12th September 1945
15th October 1945 RUR posted to Palestine
United Nations Charter ratified 24th October 1945
15th October 1946 Inniskillings to Internal Security, Lahore (India)
1st January 1947 107 (Ulster) Brigade (TA) formed
1st May 1947 The Royal Irish Fusiliers reduce to one battalion
7th August 1947 1st Inniskillings depart India, 1947
India and Pakistan gain independence 15th August 1947
2nd September 1947 Brigadier E E J Moore appointed Colonel of The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
27th December 1947 Lieutenant General Sir James Steele Addresses the 2nd Inniskillings
1st May 1948 Royal Ulster Rifles reduce to one Battalion.
State of Israel created after United Nations partition of Palestine 14th May 1948
Malayan Emergency declared 16th June 1948
Berlin Blockaded by Soviet Union. 24th June 1948
4th August 1948 1st Inniskillings arrive in Singapore
North Atlantic Treaty 4th April 1949
Mao proclaims People's Republic of China 1st October 1949
1st November 1949 1st Inniskillings moves to West Indies
17th March 1950 Royal Irish Fusiliers Chapel dedicated, Armagh.
North Korea invades South Korea 25th June 1950
UN adopts Resolution 83. 27th June 1950
15th July 1950 Presentation of Colours, 5th Inniskillings.
Inchon landing and invasion of N.Korea. 15th September 1950
UN Forces advance to the Chinese border, Korea. 1st October 1950
1st October 1950 Faughs move to Göttingen, West Germany
Chinese First Phase Offensive 13th October 1950
5th November 1950 1 RUR arrives in South Korea
Chinese Second Phase Offensive 25th November 1950
4th December 1950 1 RUR withdraw south of Taedong River, Korea.
9th December 1950 Safe blowing, Korea.
23rd December 1950 Christmas in Korea.
Chinese Third Phase Offensive 31st December 1950
2nd January 1951 Chaegunghyon - 1 RUR in 'Happy Valley'.
3rd January 1951 1 RUR withdraw after Battle of Chaegunghyon, Korea.
Seoul captured by Chinese and N. Korean 4th January 1951
24th January 1951 RUR move to positions north of Pyongtaek, Korea.
Chinese Fourth Phase (Defensive) 30th January 1951
14th February 1951 1 RUR advance, Korea.
19th February 1951 RUR advance to Hill 630.
2nd March 1951 Deception and rest on the River Han, Korea.
Op RIPPER - Seoul recaptured 14th March 1951
1st April 1951 1st INNISKILLINGS depart Jamaica
5th April 1951 1 RUR on the River Imjin, Korea.
14th April 1951 Chinese attack 1 RUR, Hill 194, Korea.
Chinese Fifth Phase (Spring) Offensive 22nd April 1951
23rd April 1951 Battle of Imjin, Korea, 1 RUR attacked.
25th April 1951 Battle Honour IMJIN
28th April 1951 1 RUR moves to Kimpo, Korea.
9th May 1951 1 RUR moves to River Han, Korea.
30th May 1951 Return to the Imjin, 1 RUR - Korea.
Stalemate in Korea 1st June 1951
17th June 1951 1 RUR attack Chinese on Hill 187, Korea.
1st British Commonwealth Division - Korea 23rd July 1951
4th October 1951 Operation COMMANDO - 1 RUR, Korea.
7th October 1951 Battle Honour KOREA 1950-51
4th November 1951 1 INNISKILLINGS embark for Middle East.
15th November 1951 1 INNISKILLINGS arrive in Egypt
Death of King George VI. 6th February 1952
23rd February 1952 1 INNISKILLINGS move to Tel el Kebir
24th May 1952 Freedom of Enniskillen, The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
25th September 1952 1 INNISKILLINGS depart Egypt
Kenya Emergency 20th October 1952
Death of Stalin 5th March 1953
14th May 1953 Attack on 2nd Inniskillings, Suez Canal Zone.
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 2nd June 1953
Korean War Armistice signed 27th July 1953
6th February 1954 Freedom of the City of Belfast for The Royal Ulster Rifles
12th June 1954 Gough Barracks Raided
13th June 1954 Faughs arrive in Korea
22nd September 1954 2nd Inniskillings arrive in Cyprus
30th January 1955 Faughs in Kenya
Cyprus Emergency 1st April 1955
Warsaw Pact formed 14th May 1955
2nd June 1955 Inniskillings receive Freedom of Nairobi
24th December 1955 Faughs depart Kenya.
Suez Canal Nationalised 26th July 1956
1st September 1956 2nd Inniskillings Disband
Suez Crisis, Israel invades Egypt. 29th October 1956
USSR invades Hungary 4th November 1956
Suez Crisis, Britain and France invade Canal Zone. 5th November 1956
12th December 1956 Bomb at Gough Barracks, Armagh.
1st September 1958 Battle of the Barn, Liopetri, Cyprus.
5th September 1958 Another Bomb at Gough Barracks!
27th February 1960 North Irish Brigade Cap Badge.
1st May 1961 1st Inniskillings deploy to Kuwait from Kenya
Berlin Wall is built 13th August 1961
20th February 1962 Presentation of New Colours to 1st Inniskillings
The Cuban Missile Crisis 14th October 1962
Indonesian Confrontation 20th January 1963
20th May 1963 RUR 's Operational Deployment, Sarawak
9th July 1963 New Colours for the Faughs
President John F Kennedy of the United States assassinated 22nd November 1963
30th January 1964 RUR prepare for 'Confrontation', Sarawak.
20th February 1964 1st Inniskillings to Cyprus
UN Resolution 186 establishes Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus. 4th March 1964
10th March 1964 Faughs Boxing Champions
15th September 1964 First Edition of SUN Newspaper.
Death of Churchill 24th January 1965
10th February 1965 Farewell to Sarawak, 1 RUR (Borneo Island)
US Combat Troops to Vietnam 8th March 1965
7th May 1965 1 RUR march through Belfast post Borneo/Sarawak
15th June 1965 North Irish Brigade Depot opens at St Patrick's Barracks, Ballymena
3rd September 1965 Inniskillings to Berlin
8th July 1966 Burial of the No 4 Lee Enfield Rifle.
24th September 1966 Final Parade of 5th Faughs
3rd December 1966 Faugh's Bravery in Aden
1st April 1967 Raising of The North Irish Militia (NIM)
The Six Day Arab-Israeli War starts 5th June 1967
Britain departs Aden 30th November 1967
1st April 1968 RHQ R IRISH opens in Belfast.
1st June 1968 North Irish Militia First Annual Camp 1968, Scotland
8th June 1968 The Royal Irish Fusiliers Troop the Colour, Portadown.
1st July 1968 Vesting Day, formation of The Royal Irish Rangers (27th (Iniskilling) 83rd 87th)
23rd September 1968 Dedication of Inniskilling's Regimental Chapel, St Macartin's Cathedral, Enniskillen.
11th November 1968 2 R IRISH (Rangers) march past President de Gaulle.
3rd December 1968 3rd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Disbands.
15th May 1969 Move of Inniskillings' Museum.
1st July 1969 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1969, UK, Malta and Federal Republic of Germany.
Operation BANNER, Northern Ireland 14th August 1969
1st September 1969 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Gibraltar to UK
The Hunt Report is published. 10th October 1969
1st November 1969 First Commander The Ulster Defence Regiment
12th November 1969 First Colonel Commandant UDR
18th December 1969 The Ulster Defence Regiment Act 1969.
1st January 1970 Regimental Headquarters UDR formed
18th February 1970 First UDR recruits
1st April 1970 The Ulster Defence Regiment becomes operational.
30th April 1970 UDR's First Major Operation.
1st June 1970 First Training Camp for The Ulster Defence Regiment*
2nd June 1970 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Bahrain.
28th June 1970 UDR's first call-out for full time service.
1st July 1970 North Irish Militia retitled as Rangers.
1st July 1970 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1970, Wales
1st July 1970 UDR Commissioning Course*
1st October 1970 1 R IRISH move to British Army of the Rhine.
First British soldier killed, the 'Troubles'. 6th February 1971
1st April 1971 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers raised.
1st May 1971 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1971; England, Federal Republic of Germany and Cyprus.
3rd May 1971 2 R IRISH, Exercise MOON LADY, Denmark.
8th May 1971 UDR's first terrorist casualties.
1st July 1971 North Irish Militia win China Cup
7th July 1971 Prix Leclerc Military Competition
1st August 1971 NIM BHQ relocates to Charles Street, Portadown.
9th August 1971 First UDR soldier shot and killed, Op DEMETRIUS
20th September 1971 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Public Duties, London
1st November 1971 1 R IRISH UNFICYP tour Cyprus 1972.
15th November 1971 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Ex GOBI DUST, USA
1st December 1971 Crisis in Malta, 2 R IRISH.
8th December 1971 8 UDR is formed.
12th December 1971 Terrorists murder UDR soldier.
15th December 1971 9 UDR is formed.
15th January 1972 10 UDR is formed.
6th February 1972 UDR deployed to Newry .
27th February 1972 2 R IRISH move to Warminster
17th April 1972 Murder on the Border
1st July 1972 11 UDR formed.
4th July 1972 Presentation of Colours to The Royal Irish Rangers
14th July 1972 1 R IRISH Troop the Colour, Federal Republic of Germany
18th August 1972 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers First Annual Camp, 1972, Scotland.
30th August 1972 North Irish Militia Troop The Colour.
31st August 1972 'Killaloe', becomes the Regimental Quick March of The Royal Irish Rangers.
29th September 1972 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Troop the Colour.
1st October 1972 First edition of 'The Irish Ranger' newspaper
1st March 1973 Sandhurst training for UDR Officer Cadets*
12th May 1973 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1973, Federal Republic of Germany.
18th July 1973 Greenfinches join the UDR.
25th July 1973 The Royal Tournament, London.
18th August 1973 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1973, England.
28th October 1973 First operational deployment of Greenfinches.
1st April 1974 UDR Call Out
2nd May 1974 First female UDR soldier killed by IRA.
10th June 1974 Death of the Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Irish Rangers.
1st July 1974 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1974, England.
17th August 1974 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1974, England.
1st September 1974 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Warminster
1st September 1974 2 R IRISH move to British Army of the Rhine, West Germany.
Twenty nine years after the ending of WW2 Private Teruo Nakamura finally surrenders 18th December 1974
29th January 1975 2 R IRISH to Cyprus following Turkish invasions.
Fall of Saigon, end of the Vietnam War 30th April 1975
1st May 1975 North Irish Militia Annual Camp 1975, England.
1st May 1975 12th US Infantry Regiment Combat Team attached to 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers
15th August 1975 Change of Depot QM
1st September 1975 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1975, England.
1st December 1975 UDR establishes Province Reserve*
7th January 1976 UDR Call Out
Death of Montgomery 24th March 1976
3rd May 1976 Freedom of Belfast conferred on The Royal Irish Rangers
24th May 1976 9 UDR and 11 UDR first UDR TAORs
5th June 1976 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1976, England.
16th June 1976 1 R IRISH Troop the Colour.
23rd June 1976 2 R IRISH, Ex MEDICINE MAN III, Canada 1976.
10th July 1976 NIM Annual Camp 1976, Federal Republic of Germany.
1st September 1976 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers moves to Little Rissington
1st January 1977 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Public Duties.
1st April 1977 1 R IRISH (Rangers) UN tour, Cyprus 1977.
29th April 1977 Major call out of UDR.
13th May 1977 The Depot
7th July 1977 Silver Jubilee, Sennelager BAOR
1st August 1977 North Irish Militia Annual Camp, Scotland 1977.
9th August 1977 Ulster Defence Regiment Call Out provides security for Queen's visit.
10th August 1977 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee visit to Northern Ireland.
1st September 1977 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1977, Scotland.
1st December 1977 Operation BURBERRY - 1 R IRISH firefighting in Manchester.
1st January 1978 3 UDR takes over East and South Down
8th February 1978 IRA booby-trap bomb kills UDR soldier and his daughter.
1st April 1978 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, re-role as a NATO Reinforcement Battalion.
18th April 1978 North Irish Militia retitled.
1st May 1978 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1978, Federal Republic of Germany.
18th June 1978 Margaret Thatcher visits 3 UDR
1st September 1978 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1978, England.
1st April 1979 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Tidworth, Wiltshire.
1st May 1979 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Berlin.
Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female prime minister 3rd May 1979
27th August 1979 3 UDR, Narrow Water Attack
1st September 1979 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Belize
28th September 1979 UDR Battalions deploy during Pope's visit.
1st October 1979 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1979, Federal Republic of Germany.
1st October 1979 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1979, England.
Start of the Soviet War in Afghanistan 27th December 1979
6th January 1980 IRA Landmine attack on 3 UDR.
8th September 1980 5 (V) R IRISH Annual Camp 1980, Federal Republic of Germany.
1st October 1980 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1980, England.
1st January 1981 Guarding Her Majesty's Prison (HMP) Rollestone Camp
21st January 1981 Death of Captain Sir Norman Stronge
1st April 1981 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Chester.
1st June 1981 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1981, Northern Ireland.
6th June 1981 Dedication of the Regimental Chapel, St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast.
8th June 1981 Beating Retreat by the Irish Regiments.
1st August 1981 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1981, Federal Republic of Germany.
26th August 1981 Presentation of Colours to 5 (V) R IRISH.
1st September 1981 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Belize
1st October 1981 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Berlin
Falklands War 2nd April 1982
20th April 1982 UDR and RN Joint Operations
31st May 1982 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Op CORPORATE (Falkland Islands)
1st June 1982 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1982, England.
Argentina surrenders ending the Falklands War 14th June 1982
1st July 1982 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1982, England.
1st March 1983 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Falkland Islands Garrison
1st June 1983 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1983, England.
1st June 1983 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1983, England.
13th July 1983 Landmine Attack on 6 UDR
25th September 1983 Maze Prison Breakout
1st November 1983 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Dover.
10th January 1984 2 R IRISH guard Greenham Common
20th May 1984 1/9 UDR is formed.
1st August 1984 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1984, Federal Republic of Germany.
14th October 1984 7 UDR and 10 UDR Amalgamate
1st January 1985 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to British Army of the Rhine, Osnabrück.
30th May 1985 2 R IRISH deploy to UNFICYP
1st June 1985 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1985, England.
15th August 1985 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1985, England.
31st May 1986 5 (V) R IRISH Annual Camp 1986, England.
1st August 1986 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1986, England.
15th October 1986 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Exercise MEDICINE MAN 7, Canada.
1st March 1987 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Falkland Islands Garrison.
1st August 1987 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1987, England.
29th August 1987 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1987, England.
22nd October 1987 UDR battalions deploy in wake of severe flooding.
8th November 1987 Enniskillen Remembrance Sunday Bombing
9th June 1988 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Troop the Colour.
1st July 1988 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1988, England.
1st August 1988 2 R IRISH move to Lemgo
21st September 1988 1 R IRISH on Op BANNER
23rd September 1988 1 R IRISH mortared at Newtownbutler
29th October 1988 1 R IRISH mortared at Rosslea
2nd November 1988 107 (Ulster) Brigade is formed
1st December 1988 UDR 'Call Out' in wake of IRA Bomb attacks*
3rd December 1988 1 R IRISH under fire in Fermanagh and Tyrone
Russians pull out of Afghanistan ending the Soviet War in Afghanistan 15th February 1989
21st April 1989 Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Irish Rangers.
21st April 1989 Regimental Tercentenary
1st June 1989 UDR issued with FRG
23rd September 1989 5 (V) R IRISH - Ex PLAIN SAILING.
23rd September 1989 4 (V) R IRISH - Ex PLAIN SAILING.
9th November 1989 1 R IRISH patrol the Inner German Border.
9th April 1990 IRA Landmine Attack on 3 UDR
1st June 1990 Op BANNER Northern Ireland, 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers.
18th June 1990 5 (V) R IRISH relocate Battalion Headquarters to Belfast.
1st July 1990 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers move to Warminster.
1st August 1990 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1990, England.
Iraq invades Kuwait 2nd August 1990
24th August 1990 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1990, England.
Re-unification of Germany 3rd October 1990
24th October 1990 Ranger Cyril Smith is killed in Newry
16th November 1990 Margaret Thatcher visits 2 R IRISH in Fermanagh
12th January 1991 Ranger Band deploys on Op GRANBY, Iraq
Liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi invaders begins 17th January 1991
3rd February 1991 Part-Time UDR soldier awarded QGM.
Wars in the Balkans 1st March 1991
Start of civil war in Sierra Leone 23rd March 1991
31st May 1991 Lorry Bomb attack, Glennane.
29th June 1991 HM The Queen presents Colours to the UDR
1st August 1991 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp, 1991, England.
16th August 1991 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1991, England.
30th September 1991 2/11 UDR is formed
24th November 1991 New Colours for 6 UDR.
25th November 1991 4/6 UDR is formed.
End of the USSR 26th December 1991
10th January 1992 Final UDR Call Out
16th March 1992 Army Act 1992, legislation for The Royal Irish Regiment
4th April 1992 Duke of York presents Colours to UDR Battalions
31st May 1992 UDR Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving
1st July 1992 Formation of The Royal Irish Regiment
1st July 1992 The Royal Irish Rangers, 1 R IRISH and 2 R IRISH retitled
1st July 1992 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers (The North Irish Militia) retitled.
1st July 1992 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers retitled.
1st July 1992 Depot The King's Division The Royal Irish Rangers retitled.
14th July 1992 4 R IRISH Become the Regular Army Major Unit Shooting Champions
22nd July 1992 2 R IRISH deploy to Canada on Exercise MEDICINE MAN III
29th July 1992 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment moves to Salamanca Barracks, Cyprus.
1st August 1992 D (London Irish Company) joins The London Regiment.
14th August 1992 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Final Annual Camp, 1992, England.
9th October 1992 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, Final Annual Camp 1992, Wales.
20th October 1992 First Royal Irish Regiment soldier Murdered by Terrorism.
14th November 1992 2 R IRISH deploy to Bosnia on Op GRAPPLE.
14th November 1992 6 R IRISH and 8 R IRISH merge.
15th January 1993 3 R IRISH merges with 6 R IRISH
1st April 1993 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers joins the Army Order of Battle.
17th April 1993 Freedom of Carrickfergus, The Royal Irish Regiment
1st June 1993 2 R IRISH move to Cyprus.
12th June 1993 4/5 RANGERS, First Annual Camp, Cyprus.
1st July 1993 2 R IRISH Ceases to Exist
21st September 1993 1 R IRISH reinforce 1 KORBR, Op BANNER
24th September 1993 Final Trooping of The Colours, 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers.
1st October 1993 Greenfinch Becomes First Woman to Complete Infantry Training
30th April 1994 5R IRISH - Soldiers die in blaze
24th June 1994 A Company 1 R IRISH to Falklands
26th June 1994 4/5 RANGERS to Falkland Islands.
1st August 1994 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1994, England.
1st October 1994 Freedom of Ballymena
17th May 1995 1 R IRISH move to Catterick, England.
20th May 1995 Freedom of Castlereagh
15th September 1995 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1995, Scotland.
1st December 1995 1 R IRISH to Northern Ireland, Op BANNER
Dayton Accords end the Bosnian War 14th December 1995
12th February 1996 1 R IRISH deploy at short notice on Op BANNER.
1st May 1996 4/5 RANGERS, Op RESOLUTE
29th June 1996 First Stand of Colours presented to 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment.
6th July 1996 R IRISH (HS) deploy in support of the RUC.
1st September 1996 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1996, Cyprus.
Taliban establishes the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan 27th September 1996
Hong Kong returned to China 1st July 1997
27th August 1997 4/5 RANGERS, Presentation of Colours.
1st October 1997 4/5 RANGERS on Ops RESOLUTE, LODESTAR and PALATINE (Bosnia).
10th December 1997 1 R IRISH deploys on Op BANNER.
1st August 1998 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1998, England.
15th August 1998 4 R IRISH deploys in response to the Omagh Bombing.
1st November 1998 1 R IRISH personnel to Op ESSENTIAL HARVEST, Macedonia.
6th May 1999 7th (City of Belfast) Battalion deploy on Exercise IRISH HARP to Stanford Training Area
15th May 1999 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment deploys to Kosovo on Operation AGRICOLA.
1st July 1999 4th/5th Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers retitled The Royal Irish Rangers
1st September 1999 1 R IRISH, a founding unit of 16 Air Assault Brigade
18th September 1999 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1999, Ukraine.
1st November 1999 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment moved to Howe Barracks, Canterbury, Kent.
13th February 2000 4 R IRISH Adventure Training, Vietnam.
17th June 2000 Colours presented to two Home Service Battalions.
9th September 2000 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2000, England.
10th September 2000 OP BARRAS - Sierra Leone
1st June 2001 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2001, England.
15th June 2001 1 R IRISH deploys on Op BANNER
16th June 2001 Colours presented to three Home Service Battalions
21st August 2001 7 R IRISH to Ecuador
Al-Qaeda fly hijacked airliners into New York’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon 11th September 2001
Operation HERRICK, Afghanistan. 7th October 2001
11th May 2002 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2002, Northern Ireland.
13th November 2002 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment deployed as Firemen
12th December 2002 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment stood to for operations in Iraq.
21st January 2003 The Royal Irish Rangers, Op TELIC (Iraq)
15th February 2003 1 R IRISH deploys to Kuwait.
Op IRAQI FREEDOM / Op TELIC 19th March 2003
22nd March 2003 1 R IRISH Battlegroup moves into Iraq.
17th April 2003 1 R IRISH secure Al Amara, Southern Iraq.
Iraq Insurgency, 2003 - 2006 2nd May 2003
1st June 2003 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2003, USA and England.
15th September 2003 1 R IRISH moves to Fort George, Inverness, Scotland.
31st December 2003 RANGERS in Civil Contingency Reaction Force.
1st February 2004 A Company, 1 R IRISH on Op BANNER
21st March 2004 D Company, 1 R IRISH on Op BANNER
1st April 2004 The Royal Irish Rangers, OP TELIC 4 (Iraq)
10th June 2004 1 R IRISH deploy on Op CRUCIBLE
27th August 2004 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2004, Scotland.
15th December 2004 R IRISH deploy on Op BANNER
1st February 2005 RANGERS to Op TELIC 6 (Iraq)
7/11 suicide bombers kill 52 people and injure more than 700 in London 7th July 2005
17th July 2005 1 R IRISH deploys to Iraq
IRA declares end of Operations, Northern Ireland 28th July 2005
16th September 2005 The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 2005, England.
10th November 2005 Battle Honour 'IRAQ 2003'
Iraq Civil War, 2006 - 2008 22nd February 2006
1st April 2006 RANGERS support 1 R IRISH in air assault role.
4th April 2006 1 R IRISH, Op HERRICK 4, Helmand, Afghanistan.
15th July 2006 Barrosa and Somme Platoons, Musa Qala
6th October 2006 The Conspicuous Gallantry Cross is awarded to The Royal Irish Regiment.
1st November 2006 RANGERS on Op HERRICK 5, Afghanistan.
8th November 2006 Shot at Dawn - The Pardon
31st July 2007 RANGERS retitled.
End of Operation BANNER 31st July 2007
14th August 2007 1 R IRISH move from Fort George, Inverness to Clive Barracks, Tern Hill, Shropshire.
7th November 2007 2 R IRISH, Op HERRICK 8
1st February 2008 St Patrick's Barracks closes.
15th June 2008 2 R IRISH Annual Training Camp, Otterburn.
24th June 2008 R IRISH battle the Taliban, Sapwan Qala.
28th July 2008 Sergeant Mathews killed in action, Afghanistan.
18th August 2008 Corporal Barry Dempsey is killed in action, Afghanistan.
4th September 2008