5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp 1987, England.

Saturday, 29 August, 1987 - Saturday, 12 September, 1987

5 (V) Annual Camp, commanded by Lt Col A P Trimble TD, attended Annual Camp at Napier Barracks, Cinque Ports Training Area, Hythe, near Shorncliffe, Kent from 29 Aug-12 Sep 1987.

The camp was in two phases. The first phase in the Hythe area began with companies conducting a Key Point Guard exercise. The rest of this phase was spent on the ranges at Hythe and Lyddd. This included tactics training where individuals wore Simulated Weapons Effects System (SAWES) vests to expose them to the effects of aimed (laser) fire and thus encouraged them to make better use of movement, ground and cover. The second phase moved the battalion to Salisbury Plain for Ex PINK PANTHER, a two and a half day battalion FTX (field-test exercise) practicing defence and advance-to-contact phases of war . At the end of the FTX the battalion recoverd by road to Hythe and then completed a Basic Fitness Test (BFT) before returning to Northern Ireland.