5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Annual Camp, 1991, England.

Thursday, 1 August, 1991 - Saturday, 31 August, 1991
5 (V) R IRISH FIBUA exercise Eastmere Village STANTA
The battle for Eastmere Village.

5 (V) R IRISH, commanded by Lt Col R G Rowe R IRISH, attended Annual Camp at Stanford Training Area (STANTA), near Thetford, Norfolk for two weeks in August 1991.

The first week began with the Territorial Army BFT (Basic Fitness Test) on the Sunday morning. Following recovery, the battalion deployed into the field for training. The Reconnaissance, Mortar, MILAN Anti Tank, Machine Gun and Signal Platoons ran specialist cadres. Rifle Companies conducted live firing for sections and platoons in the attack, including in an NBC environment, in defence and in night ambush positions. The relief in place and withdrawal phases were also practiced. Companies concluded week one with FIBUA (Fighting in Built Up Areas) training in STANTA’s Eastmere FIBUA village.

The second week was the battalion FTX (Field Training Exercise) when companies moved into defensive positions on the line of the River Wissey and were tasked with helicopter-borne patrols into enemy areas. The battalion then advanced eastwards attacking and capturing Eastmere village. Companies defended it from counter-attack by the enemy force (provided by the Welsh Guards). Following ‘Endex’ the battalion mustered and were marched out of the morning mist to an Ulster Fry breakfast, led by the Northern Ireland TA Staff Band.