Saturday, 23 September, 1989 - Sunday, 8 October, 1989

The 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel M A Lowry R IRISH, attended Annual Camp, by participating in Exercise PLAIN SAILING, from 23 September - 8 October 1989. The aim of the exercise was to practice the Battalion's war role. In all, over 400 personnel were deployed including 57 reservists and the band.

The Battalion moved by road and air and flew into Dusseldorf. Battalion Headquarters deployed to Schwerte Training Area near Dortmund with companies deploying on Key Point defences. The Battalion moved to Haltern on the first Thursday and during the second week undertook a battalion exercise. The mechanised enemy were provided by the 1st Battalion The Royal Scots stationed at Werl.

This was a unique period as it found all four battalions of The Royal Irish Rangers serving in BAOR as 4 (V) R IRISH was also deployed on Ex PLAIN SAILING.